Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kick up your heels

Motivation, getting started, sticking with it, taking a chance, trying hard everyday, holding yourself accountable.  All of these things on one day or another are hard to come by.  However when all of these things are working together you are nearly unstoppable!  So what does one do to get to that point...they stop complaining, decide today is the day, they embrace the suck that is making better choices, logging food, exercising and quit making excuses!!

One of my girls...we'll call her Blanche....she made the choice the few days before heading to Cayman Islands with her hubby to come to my house...a complete stranger...and chat with me while I danced in circles in my kitchen making lunch for the little ones, and we talked A LOT.  We discussed many of the same issues we all face every day and could so much relate to each other.  We both said how TIRED we are of being unhappy and unhealthy and how it needs to stop at some point.  We both echoed the point of being a better example for our children and showing them what strong truly means.

For both of Blanche's weigh ins she has had to bring her girls with her as we have had a ridiculous amount of snow days here in VA.  Well today was a ROCKSTAR day for Blanche...she lost 5.2 this week!  She is a girl on fire!  In three short weeks Blanche is down 9.4 pounds!  That is amazing.  She stepped on the scale today and saw the new number and hopped off so quickly we couldn't even get the final reading.  I told her to get back on there...we need to record this!  She did and was just so so so happy!  She did a little dance and her girls were sitting on my couch looking at us like we were crazy.  We were hugging each other and just so excited!  She then said to her girls-I hope you don't have to go through this down the road.  I am so proud that she is doing this and her girls are witness to it.  They can see their mom transform in front of them and see how her hard-work is the true reward.  She is making herself a stronger and better mom...and they are right there with her.

I am so proud of Blanche-she could have gone on vacation and eaten and drank her face off.  Instead she went to the gym, ran and limited her intake but still enjoyed herself....and she logged her food everyday of vacation!!  That is a true commitment and she is so happy today that she decided to choose herself back in the first week of February!  Blanche has many of the things needed to be unstoppable in her favor.  She is dedicated and choosing herself each day and it is showing on the inside and out!

Blanche was heading out and she actually jumped off my front step and kicked her heels together in the air!  She is so very proud of herself and she should be!  She has worked hard for this and I have just been that nasty voice of reason that checks in with her every so often.  She has done this and continues to do this everyday!  

I know the weight loss/fitness battle and how much it sucks!  I remember being called "Amazon Sister" and big boned.  I remember telling myself that I was happy when I really was anything but.  I know that sneaking Cadbury Mini Eggs while you grocery shop makes you feel wonderful and horrible all at the same time.  I know the crazy mental games you can play with yourself all day long!

So today-choose you-stop the excuses and kick up your heels!!  Hard is not just requires a little more motivation and encouragement...and I'll try my best to supply that to you along the way!

Embrace the suck...Choose You!!

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