Friday, February 20, 2015

Blanche, Dorothy and Rose

Two weeks ago a friend of mine reached out after reading some of my entries on Orange Visor.  She said-I need your help, and so do two of my friends.  We went back and forth via messenger and discussed the frustrations and struggles of weight loss, family balance and the lack of fitness in our lives at one point or another.  We all could relate to the lack of motivation and will power and that the times that they found themselves most successful is when they were in a group setting.  With that I now have three clients and have gained two wonderful strong women as friends and get to see another one that I love that much more often!  

In the two weeks since our first meeting these women have collectively lost 14.4 pounds!  I am so beyond proud of them.  They are lifting each other up daily and sharing the struggles that are hitting them hard in the face: Talent show night at school=pizza, winery day with friends, a quick island getaway with the hubby=open bar, girls night out to 50 shades and I want CANDY!!  They are facing the scale after they know it has been a tough week and high fiving each other for still coming!

Things are coming quickly to them.  They are seeing that instead of this I can have that.  We are sharing recipes and quick tips daily with each other and bringing a few samples when we meet up.  They are showing up with a water bottle in hand and roasted veggies to share!  These are not the normal things women do but again these are not normal women.  They are amazing, determined, strong, and beautiful women.  I am so excited to join them as Sophia on this journey.  We are helping each other on this voyage and for every loss they receive I am gaining so much more.  They are teaching me so many things and giving me a new outlook.  My struggles are not their struggles, my easy fixes are not theirs...we are ALL different and success comes at different rates.  We understand that and accept it!!

What our "meetings" may look like

I hope to share many of their successes with you over this trip together.  I hope that we all can grow together with this and be so much stronger at the end than we were at the beginning.  We have pushed all pre-conceived notions to the wayside and are buckling down and getting serious.  There is no room for lies or misconceptions....we are doing this and doing it well.  It is about their overall health and making the choice to chose themselves!!  I am so proud to help them along the way.

Embrace the Suck....Choose You!!

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