Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Accidents

This past weekend was a race weekend. This was my seventh half marathon since I started running back in 2008, but nerves and everything else hit me that morning like a crazy person.  I am not a "seasoned" runner in comparison to many others out there but I try my best and really love everything there is about a well run race.  I had trained, rested and carb loaded and still shook like a leaf with a huge ball of nerves in my stomach because this was not just another training run.  This was race day! 

I surrounded myself with my seasoned running friends and collectively we all knew that it would be okay and that it's for the fun, experience and that great competition you can have with yourself.  I am training for a full marathon in April and that is the prize I am truly keeping my eye on but this was a test...a little mini check point along the way.  

So I run...a lot, when I really think about it.  I generally enjoy most every run I go on but there are definitely days when I am dreading getting out of my warm bed and heading out into the dark and cold...but I feel like Wonder Woman when I walk back in the front door.  I feel unstoppable and beyond prepared for my day-until maybe a cat nap hits me mid afternoon!  

I did not start out as a fast runner and in some runner's eyes I am still not "fast" but my gosh I still am in shock when I see what my body can deliver on race day.  I feel like speed for me was something that just happened on the side of all the other stuff I was focusing on.  It was a natural byproduct.  The running six times a week, strength training, solid eating and a positive mindset got me to go faster.  Speed was not something that I wanted when I started all this.  I really just wanted a quick calorie burn that I could keep up with on a day to day basis.  The end result still blows my mind.  

I am anxious for what will happen in April on the shore of New Jersey.  Hoping running in my home state will bring lots of positive vibes and keep the nerves and cramps at bay!  I am going to stay the course, follow the rules of Mr. Hal Higdon and keep grabbing little gems of wisdom from the many seasoned runners I "run" into throughout the next few weeks.  

One Happy, Chilly, Tired Runner!!
So my takeaway from all this running talk is this-you never know what will happen if you try.  Something that you may not be looking for may find you anyways and you might be so happy it did.  Bob Ross was that crazy painter guy with the big afro on PBS that I watched all the time growing up.  He always said, "We don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents."  I kinda feel like there are so many happy accidents that can happen when you are working towards a goal.  So many byproducts that you were never aiming for...that just happen and they are wonderful and you can embrace them!  The only problem is you will never uncover one of these happy accidents if you don't aim high and start something within you  now.  

Embrace the suck...choose you!

My half marathon history:
Richmond Half 11-15-08/2:12:46
Zooma Annapolis 5-31-09/1:56:23
DC Rock N Roll 3-17-12/2:00:19
Fredericksburg Half 5-2-12/1:54:58
Diva's Half 9-14-13/2:25:00  **BAD COURSE**
Fredericksburg Half 5-18-14/1:59:40
Richmond Love Rox 2-22-15/1:43:04


  1. I'm very, very new to running. My first couch-to-5K session was in November of 2013. I've done four official half marathons, and the last one (Loudoun Half on April 12, 2015) was my fastest at 2:18. So I am taking inspiration from you that speed with come. I'm not looking for it or striving for it, but my first half (Rock and Roll DC in March 2014) was 2:37...and I'm already getting speedier! I also did the Diva in 2014, and HILLZZZ! Ouch. Agree with your assessment on that one. Anyway, as you said, something cool things happen when you don't expect them to. (Could be the loss of 30 pounds?? Haha!) Happy Accidents welcome!!

    1. Laura-Just saw your comment today-sorry it took me so long to reply! Speed will come your way...I didn't know I was getting faster and wasn't really trying but the more you practice something the better your results become. You are doing great on and off the bike...and those running feet will become speedy before you know it!! Loss of 30 pounds happy accidents are ALWAYS welcome!