Friday, February 6, 2015

Working for the weekend!!

Well you made is finally Friday!  As much as I love the weekend and everyone home and's tough because....well, everyone is home and together!  Love my six pack but sometimes it is nice during the week to be on my schedule with just the two little ones.

My husband and I are both training for events in the spring and fall so that means we both need to find time on Saturday and Sunday to fit in our workouts.  We also have school events, basketball games, sunday school and church...oh and any fun you want to squeeze in too on top of laundry and feeding everybody-why do they require food SO OFTEN!!!

So we plan...ALL THE TIME...plan.  We already know what we will be having for dinner on Friday and Saturday night...who is taking what child where...who will feed them lunch while the other is exercising or showering post run.  It is crazy and a bit over the top but if you don't plan, you are only planning to fail.  I would be telling a fib if I did not confess that sometimes when things get really crazy a spreadsheet or two have been made ;) 

It is so easy to tell yourself...oh let's just go through the drive thru so we don't have to bother making lunch for the kids when we are done with the game.  Be very very bothered that you are not making the smart choice for you or your family.  We hold people in our lives to high standards as to how they are to treat members of your family, people you care so deeply for.  Time to hold yourself to those same standards.  

If you are just starting your journey...congratulations on making that choice!  If you are in the middle of it and maybe struggling...stay are on your way.  And for those of you that need to maintain-sometimes this is the hardest part.  You have completed all this work-and you just want a break.  Don't give up on yourself and keep your commitment!  Sometimes maintaining is just as hard! 

So don't go off the deep end this weekend...don't set yourself up to fail.  Plan out a time that you ARE going to get your workout in and figure out before you go out to dinner...what is a good choice for me to make at that restaurant, do some homework before you get there.  

Embrace the suck...and choose you!  Happy Friday!!

"Everybody's working for the weekend, Everybody wants a new romance, Everybody's going off the deep end, Everybody needs a second chance, oh" -Loverboy

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