Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Full House...Have Mercy!!!

Literally and figuratively-we are in FULL HOUSE mode.  We are approaching day five of our togetherness in this cold and yucky weather....and the kids are ADDICTED and have been since the fall to John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier!!  G2 even wrote in hubby's valentine's card...Dad-do you love your hair...she feels Ben is channeling Uncle Jesse with his 15 minute hair prep as he is letting it grow...yikes!!
Uncle Jesse at his best!!
So today started with my 9 mile run at 6:15 am in 3 degree temperature.  I think it took until 2 o'clock this afternoon for me to get full feeling back into two of my fingers.  Swim lessons were still on for G3 so all five us headed to the Rec Center and watched as she did her best to float on her back without taking on too much water!  I had promised a trip to the mall to ride the carousel...why do we say these things?!?!?

I made my promise and G2 was holding me too it...I tried to sway them with other closer distractions but the mall was happening.  We went and G3 and G4 played in the play area while I shot dirty looks at the 8 year old that was running and playing tag with his two younger brothers and almost stepping on the small kiddos crawling around.  His parents were not even in the area...I wanted to have some choice words with him...and I said in my nice voice..."Hey might want to be careful...there are lots of little ones in here today."  He continued his game of tag and he could feel me watching him throughout his entire runaround...mild success!

Carousel was all they wanted it to be...G4 loves going in circles and was waving incessantly at G1 on the other side of the fence.  I hope they will be forever buddies...can only hope.  Meanwhile G2 and G3 were singing some song to each other as they went round and round...when they want to be cute...they sure are!  It made me so happy we got out of our house so they could take a breather and have their own space even if for an hour.  I even managed some cute pastel jeans for spring...COME ON SPRING!!

Wrapped up the day with a trip to Costco...kiddos had 550 calorie hot dogs and a slice of 700 calorie pizza.  Can I tell you how badly I wanted that hot dog with spicy deli mustard and onions!!  I did have a few samples as we shopped after our lunch date for $5.50-can't beat that!  They were begging for a churro (470) or the yogurt cup(390) and I had to say no-we came home and they had a yogurt and some clementines.  

I managed a trip to a mall and Costco and did not go out of control with what I could have eaten.  I so could have taken down some tacos at T-Bell...Chick-Fil-A waffle fries, peppermint name it...I would have probably eaten it today!  But I knew I could stay on track if I had my bar en route to the mall, drank a Nalgen of water, and knew a healthy lunch option was waiting for me at home.  Success!!

The only thing that made the day better was a friend calling to say she has been tracking her food for two weeks now and is down 8 pounds.  She is still over her daily allotment of calories but compared to what she was eating she has made DRASTIC improvements.  She hasn't had any soda for these two weeks either and not missing it.  She is training her brain to think differently and just making the smarter decisions.  She mentioned parking her car a little farther away at work and just so excited over the changes mentally and physically she is feeling!  I am so proud of her for making the choice to choose herself!  I know she can do it!

And in the famous words of the Olsen twins..."You got it, dude!"  You guys can do whatever you put your mind to.  If your mind believes it the rest will follow!  

Embrace the suck....choose you!!

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