Monday, February 16, 2015

Mondays...the day of false promises

Well the weekend has come and gone and Monday arrives and generally smacks you right in the face.  This past weekend was not stellar in our house as we had the stomach bug go flying through but all seem to be on the mend.  With all of that behind comes the sense of promise of a new beginning.  It is Monday-I will start is Monday...I will get back on is Monday...I will start exercising today!!

Around the corner from me lives an older couple....probably in their late 70s.  They put on their jackets, gloves, scarves and long maroon trench coat with umbrella in hand and head out for their walk EVERY DAY!  He has a bit of a limp and wears a brace on his leg and she is always two steps behind him as they tackle some of the larger hills in the neighborhood.  Her silver hair is always beautifully swept off of her face and his face has the look of determination.  They are what I hope to be someday.  They have made a promise to themselves and each other and are out there every day!

Mondays are hard especially when the kids are off for another holiday with a pending snow day the next day.  It is hard to find the time to stop and weigh your food, make the right choice, be prepared.  It is hard to tell your kids to watch a movie in your room or read for a bit while I do a workout DVD in the tv room or hop on the treadmill and NOT take a nap.  It is hard to want to stay on top of yourself ALL THE TIME!  Clearly these decisions are hard otherwise we would make them without thinking twice and weighing the options and feeling the guilt.  Everything comes at a cost and the price of making the easy decision had put me into that unhappy place a year ago. 

My weight and fitness level did not improve at a drastic rate.  I knew my numbers were dropping and I was running a little longer on the treadmill but this was not a noticeable thing.  I had to tell myself to keep doing this even though I was the only one seeing and feeling the results.  I could remember asking Ben if he saw anything changing...and as a good husband he did agree and would keep me encouraged.  It was so hard to stay focused during the dismal winter months.  It was so very hard to get excited when the scale only moved a pound or less at a time...and not always in the right direction.  It was so hard to go away for spring break and go to the gym in the early morning to get my run in so that I could stay on track for the rest of the day.  It was so hard but not impossible.

Mondays come every week and  it should be a reset for you.  Weekends are difficult but maybe the Monday is even worse because it is that in your face reminder that you need to get back on track and  you just don't want to hear it.  Stop the guilt and the pity party-and just do it.

I am going to go hop on the treadmill now while the kids watch a movie and the baby takes his nap.  I don't feel 100% but I know it will make me feel better physically and mentally when I am done.  I have made that promise to me and that is one I will hold everyday of the week.

Embrace the Suck...choose you!

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