Friday, December 23, 2016

Goal-the object of a person's ambition or effort

The month of December has come and gone and I almost let it get away without taking a few minutes to sit down and empty my head.  My goal of a stress free holiday has not happened but still enjoying my family and friends.  

One thing about goals is that they are really daunting to actually say out loud and commit to, especially publicly.  For the past two years I joined a social media group that would track their running miles for the year.  Last year I committed to 2015 miles for the year 2015....with training for my half iron distance race I only made it to 1600.  It was yet another goal that I did not make.  I missed qualifying for Boston two times in 2015, 2016 and did not make my mileage for the year.  Not for one second would I tell myself I was a failure.  Was I disappointed, sure, but a failure, far from it.  If I considered myself a failure every time I didn't make my goal...I would never try again.  

Failure-the lack of success

Success-the accomplishment of an aim or purpose

Goal-the object of a person's ambition or effort
sharing in my successful run

With every day of training that I put forth there is both success and failure. I miss personal goals set...I don't complete tasks fully...I full on miss a day that is on the training calendar...I phone in a workout.  But with every day that I keep pushing myself and showing my family the level of importance of my goals I then share with them in success.  Success is not found alone.  Success is to be found together and shared together.  The goals that I set for myself are way to big to tackle alone..and I feel like that is what a goal should be...big and scary and something that requires a little bit of help and encouragement from those that matter most to you.  For as much as running is a solo effort when it comes to the day of a race, it is so very much every little bit a group effort that I pull from people over the course of my training.  

This group of people that I have become a part of in this mileage challenge for 2016 has pushed me farther than I would have pushed myself.  Seeing them day in and day out get out there and make an effort, no matter what, at improving themselves is just plain inspiring.  I love that kind of stuff.  I love that someone that I have never physically met is ensuring me that I will meet my goal this year, that they believe in me, that they are in my corner, and that I can in fact do it.  I love that a conversation I have with a customer at the little running store that I work at can bring me to tears.  I love that I have found something that I am passionate about and can feel and share that passion with other people.  Hearing their stories about their goals...their big scary lofty what continues to show me that I can continue towards goals of my own.  This belief along with my own and that of my family and friends is what drives me.

So I have eight days left to tackle roughly 39 miles.  When I did the math in September I realized there were going to be some rough weeks ahead...I was going to have to pull a few 200 mile months and it was going to hurt.  I told my family that the end was in goal was going to be met this year and then I will come back to a regular running mom and not this crazy person that is pushing harder than ever.   Tomorrow I will go on a long run with my favorite partner, my husband.  You would think that we would talk to each other as there are no children to take our attention away, but we run mostly in silence.  He pushes me to run harder that I was more than likely planning and I push him to get up and go when he doesn't have a race on the calendar.  

Don't be afraid to set a goal...even a really big scary one.  Don't be afraid to seek help in making that goal a is key to making it happen.  Don't be afraid to ask those around you to be a part of it...maybe not the physical part but the emotional part...I know I need positive things to think about while I run long and having a little note of encouragement ready for me before I head out the door makes my morning run that much easier.

Embrace the suck...choose you...set that big scary goal and crush it!