Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kick up your heels

Motivation, getting started, sticking with it, taking a chance, trying hard everyday, holding yourself accountable.  All of these things on one day or another are hard to come by.  However when all of these things are working together you are nearly unstoppable!  So what does one do to get to that point...they stop complaining, decide today is the day, they embrace the suck that is making better choices, logging food, exercising and quit making excuses!!

One of my girls...we'll call her Blanche....she made the choice the few days before heading to Cayman Islands with her hubby to come to my house...a complete stranger...and chat with me while I danced in circles in my kitchen making lunch for the little ones, and we talked A LOT.  We discussed many of the same issues we all face every day and could so much relate to each other.  We both said how TIRED we are of being unhappy and unhealthy and how it needs to stop at some point.  We both echoed the point of being a better example for our children and showing them what strong truly means.

For both of Blanche's weigh ins she has had to bring her girls with her as we have had a ridiculous amount of snow days here in VA.  Well today was a ROCKSTAR day for Blanche...she lost 5.2 this week!  She is a girl on fire!  In three short weeks Blanche is down 9.4 pounds!  That is amazing.  She stepped on the scale today and saw the new number and hopped off so quickly we couldn't even get the final reading.  I told her to get back on there...we need to record this!  She did and was just so so so happy!  She did a little dance and her girls were sitting on my couch looking at us like we were crazy.  We were hugging each other and just so excited!  She then said to her girls-I hope you don't have to go through this down the road.  I am so proud that she is doing this and her girls are witness to it.  They can see their mom transform in front of them and see how her hard-work is the true reward.  She is making herself a stronger and better mom...and they are right there with her.

I am so proud of Blanche-she could have gone on vacation and eaten and drank her face off.  Instead she went to the gym, ran and limited her intake but still enjoyed herself....and she logged her food everyday of vacation!!  That is a true commitment and she is so happy today that she decided to choose herself back in the first week of February!  Blanche has many of the things needed to be unstoppable in her favor.  She is dedicated and choosing herself each day and it is showing on the inside and out!

Blanche was heading out and she actually jumped off my front step and kicked her heels together in the air!  She is so very proud of herself and she should be!  She has worked hard for this and I have just been that nasty voice of reason that checks in with her every so often.  She has done this and continues to do this everyday!  

I know the weight loss/fitness battle and how much it sucks!  I remember being called "Amazon Sister" and big boned.  I remember telling myself that I was happy when I really was anything but.  I know that sneaking Cadbury Mini Eggs while you grocery shop makes you feel wonderful and horrible all at the same time.  I know the crazy mental games you can play with yourself all day long!

So today-choose you-stop the excuses and kick up your heels!!  Hard is not just requires a little more motivation and encouragement...and I'll try my best to supply that to you along the way!

Embrace the suck...Choose You!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Accidents

This past weekend was a race weekend. This was my seventh half marathon since I started running back in 2008, but nerves and everything else hit me that morning like a crazy person.  I am not a "seasoned" runner in comparison to many others out there but I try my best and really love everything there is about a well run race.  I had trained, rested and carb loaded and still shook like a leaf with a huge ball of nerves in my stomach because this was not just another training run.  This was race day! 

I surrounded myself with my seasoned running friends and collectively we all knew that it would be okay and that it's for the fun, experience and that great competition you can have with yourself.  I am training for a full marathon in April and that is the prize I am truly keeping my eye on but this was a test...a little mini check point along the way.  

So I run...a lot, when I really think about it.  I generally enjoy most every run I go on but there are definitely days when I am dreading getting out of my warm bed and heading out into the dark and cold...but I feel like Wonder Woman when I walk back in the front door.  I feel unstoppable and beyond prepared for my day-until maybe a cat nap hits me mid afternoon!  

I did not start out as a fast runner and in some runner's eyes I am still not "fast" but my gosh I still am in shock when I see what my body can deliver on race day.  I feel like speed for me was something that just happened on the side of all the other stuff I was focusing on.  It was a natural byproduct.  The running six times a week, strength training, solid eating and a positive mindset got me to go faster.  Speed was not something that I wanted when I started all this.  I really just wanted a quick calorie burn that I could keep up with on a day to day basis.  The end result still blows my mind.  

I am anxious for what will happen in April on the shore of New Jersey.  Hoping running in my home state will bring lots of positive vibes and keep the nerves and cramps at bay!  I am going to stay the course, follow the rules of Mr. Hal Higdon and keep grabbing little gems of wisdom from the many seasoned runners I "run" into throughout the next few weeks.  

One Happy, Chilly, Tired Runner!!
So my takeaway from all this running talk is this-you never know what will happen if you try.  Something that you may not be looking for may find you anyways and you might be so happy it did.  Bob Ross was that crazy painter guy with the big afro on PBS that I watched all the time growing up.  He always said, "We don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents."  I kinda feel like there are so many happy accidents that can happen when you are working towards a goal.  So many byproducts that you were never aiming for...that just happen and they are wonderful and you can embrace them!  The only problem is you will never uncover one of these happy accidents if you don't aim high and start something within you  now.  

Embrace the suck...choose you!

My half marathon history:
Richmond Half 11-15-08/2:12:46
Zooma Annapolis 5-31-09/1:56:23
DC Rock N Roll 3-17-12/2:00:19
Fredericksburg Half 5-2-12/1:54:58
Diva's Half 9-14-13/2:25:00  **BAD COURSE**
Fredericksburg Half 5-18-14/1:59:40
Richmond Love Rox 2-22-15/1:43:04

Friday, February 20, 2015

Blanche, Dorothy and Rose

Two weeks ago a friend of mine reached out after reading some of my entries on Orange Visor.  She said-I need your help, and so do two of my friends.  We went back and forth via messenger and discussed the frustrations and struggles of weight loss, family balance and the lack of fitness in our lives at one point or another.  We all could relate to the lack of motivation and will power and that the times that they found themselves most successful is when they were in a group setting.  With that I now have three clients and have gained two wonderful strong women as friends and get to see another one that I love that much more often!  

In the two weeks since our first meeting these women have collectively lost 14.4 pounds!  I am so beyond proud of them.  They are lifting each other up daily and sharing the struggles that are hitting them hard in the face: Talent show night at school=pizza, winery day with friends, a quick island getaway with the hubby=open bar, girls night out to 50 shades and I want CANDY!!  They are facing the scale after they know it has been a tough week and high fiving each other for still coming!

Things are coming quickly to them.  They are seeing that instead of this I can have that.  We are sharing recipes and quick tips daily with each other and bringing a few samples when we meet up.  They are showing up with a water bottle in hand and roasted veggies to share!  These are not the normal things women do but again these are not normal women.  They are amazing, determined, strong, and beautiful women.  I am so excited to join them as Sophia on this journey.  We are helping each other on this voyage and for every loss they receive I am gaining so much more.  They are teaching me so many things and giving me a new outlook.  My struggles are not their struggles, my easy fixes are not theirs...we are ALL different and success comes at different rates.  We understand that and accept it!!

What our "meetings" may look like

I hope to share many of their successes with you over this trip together.  I hope that we all can grow together with this and be so much stronger at the end than we were at the beginning.  We have pushed all pre-conceived notions to the wayside and are buckling down and getting serious.  There is no room for lies or misconceptions....we are doing this and doing it well.  It is about their overall health and making the choice to chose themselves!!  I am so proud to help them along the way.

Embrace the Suck....Choose You!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Full House...Have Mercy!!!

Literally and figuratively-we are in FULL HOUSE mode.  We are approaching day five of our togetherness in this cold and yucky weather....and the kids are ADDICTED and have been since the fall to John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier!!  G2 even wrote in hubby's valentine's card...Dad-do you love your hair...she feels Ben is channeling Uncle Jesse with his 15 minute hair prep as he is letting it grow...yikes!!
Uncle Jesse at his best!!
So today started with my 9 mile run at 6:15 am in 3 degree temperature.  I think it took until 2 o'clock this afternoon for me to get full feeling back into two of my fingers.  Swim lessons were still on for G3 so all five us headed to the Rec Center and watched as she did her best to float on her back without taking on too much water!  I had promised a trip to the mall to ride the carousel...why do we say these things?!?!?

I made my promise and G2 was holding me too it...I tried to sway them with other closer distractions but the mall was happening.  We went and G3 and G4 played in the play area while I shot dirty looks at the 8 year old that was running and playing tag with his two younger brothers and almost stepping on the small kiddos crawling around.  His parents were not even in the area...I wanted to have some choice words with him...and I said in my nice voice..."Hey might want to be careful...there are lots of little ones in here today."  He continued his game of tag and he could feel me watching him throughout his entire runaround...mild success!

Carousel was all they wanted it to be...G4 loves going in circles and was waving incessantly at G1 on the other side of the fence.  I hope they will be forever buddies...can only hope.  Meanwhile G2 and G3 were singing some song to each other as they went round and round...when they want to be cute...they sure are!  It made me so happy we got out of our house so they could take a breather and have their own space even if for an hour.  I even managed some cute pastel jeans for spring...COME ON SPRING!!

Wrapped up the day with a trip to Costco...kiddos had 550 calorie hot dogs and a slice of 700 calorie pizza.  Can I tell you how badly I wanted that hot dog with spicy deli mustard and onions!!  I did have a few samples as we shopped after our lunch date for $5.50-can't beat that!  They were begging for a churro (470) or the yogurt cup(390) and I had to say no-we came home and they had a yogurt and some clementines.  

I managed a trip to a mall and Costco and did not go out of control with what I could have eaten.  I so could have taken down some tacos at T-Bell...Chick-Fil-A waffle fries, peppermint name it...I would have probably eaten it today!  But I knew I could stay on track if I had my bar en route to the mall, drank a Nalgen of water, and knew a healthy lunch option was waiting for me at home.  Success!!

The only thing that made the day better was a friend calling to say she has been tracking her food for two weeks now and is down 8 pounds.  She is still over her daily allotment of calories but compared to what she was eating she has made DRASTIC improvements.  She hasn't had any soda for these two weeks either and not missing it.  She is training her brain to think differently and just making the smarter decisions.  She mentioned parking her car a little farther away at work and just so excited over the changes mentally and physically she is feeling!  I am so proud of her for making the choice to choose herself!  I know she can do it!

And in the famous words of the Olsen twins..."You got it, dude!"  You guys can do whatever you put your mind to.  If your mind believes it the rest will follow!  

Embrace the suck....choose you!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mondays...the day of false promises

Well the weekend has come and gone and Monday arrives and generally smacks you right in the face.  This past weekend was not stellar in our house as we had the stomach bug go flying through but all seem to be on the mend.  With all of that behind comes the sense of promise of a new beginning.  It is Monday-I will start is Monday...I will get back on is Monday...I will start exercising today!!

Around the corner from me lives an older couple....probably in their late 70s.  They put on their jackets, gloves, scarves and long maroon trench coat with umbrella in hand and head out for their walk EVERY DAY!  He has a bit of a limp and wears a brace on his leg and she is always two steps behind him as they tackle some of the larger hills in the neighborhood.  Her silver hair is always beautifully swept off of her face and his face has the look of determination.  They are what I hope to be someday.  They have made a promise to themselves and each other and are out there every day!

Mondays are hard especially when the kids are off for another holiday with a pending snow day the next day.  It is hard to find the time to stop and weigh your food, make the right choice, be prepared.  It is hard to tell your kids to watch a movie in your room or read for a bit while I do a workout DVD in the tv room or hop on the treadmill and NOT take a nap.  It is hard to want to stay on top of yourself ALL THE TIME!  Clearly these decisions are hard otherwise we would make them without thinking twice and weighing the options and feeling the guilt.  Everything comes at a cost and the price of making the easy decision had put me into that unhappy place a year ago. 

My weight and fitness level did not improve at a drastic rate.  I knew my numbers were dropping and I was running a little longer on the treadmill but this was not a noticeable thing.  I had to tell myself to keep doing this even though I was the only one seeing and feeling the results.  I could remember asking Ben if he saw anything changing...and as a good husband he did agree and would keep me encouraged.  It was so hard to stay focused during the dismal winter months.  It was so very hard to get excited when the scale only moved a pound or less at a time...and not always in the right direction.  It was so hard to go away for spring break and go to the gym in the early morning to get my run in so that I could stay on track for the rest of the day.  It was so hard but not impossible.

Mondays come every week and  it should be a reset for you.  Weekends are difficult but maybe the Monday is even worse because it is that in your face reminder that you need to get back on track and  you just don't want to hear it.  Stop the guilt and the pity party-and just do it.

I am going to go hop on the treadmill now while the kids watch a movie and the baby takes his nap.  I don't feel 100% but I know it will make me feel better physically and mentally when I am done.  I have made that promise to me and that is one I will hold everyday of the week.

Embrace the Suck...choose you!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Honor, Love and Respect

I went to my first EVER spin class today and let me tell you-it was AWESOME!!!  A friend and I went to try it out and we were both pleasantly surprised by how much we truly loved it.  Lindsey K was our instructor and she pushed me harder than I would on my own bike in the basement.  It always makes me laugh that when someone else asks me to push it just that little bit more, turn up the resistance; I listen and follow directions and do it!
Cycle Scene...Orange Visor and Lindsey K

Great music was pumping and constant words of encouragement were being thrown our way the entire time.  I have not done a group fitness class in years.  Running with a buddy or solo is very different than the group mentality and having a leader.  The one phrase that Lindsey kept saying during the grueling 45 minute class that really hit home was "Honor Your Body!"

Just typing that makes me tear up a bit.  

I just did a quick Google search on wedding vows and 95% of the returned results had the word honor in there somewhere.  The place I was just over a year ago did not have a lot of honor or respect in it.  I took a vow in front of all my friends and family for a man I love to the moon and back...but forget to hold my own self to those same virtues.  I felt loved by those around me but I don't think I was able to give the love that others truly deserved.  I can say that I was not honoring the body I had and giving any respect to it.  It is so incredibly hard even to this day to EVERY DAY make that choice.  It is so very easy to take the easy way out and just say-forget it...I just don't care.  But the fact of the matter is you do care...and that is why it's hard.  

"Honor your body-it's the only one you get."   You can make the change to find the person you really want to be.  It's hard but not impossible.  People you love will help you and lift you.  They will honor and love you!  You will feel better, happier, move more freely, not want to be a wallflower, and maybe smile a little more.  You will not only honor, love and respect those around you with more ease-but you will be able to do that for yourself.  

Embrace the suck...choose you!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Olaf says it best...."A drink in my hand, my snow up against the burning sand
Prob'ly getting gorgeously tanned in summer."

I grew up on the Jersey Shore every summer and loving the beach and ocean as much as my cousin sitting next to me with our baby oil on!!  As I got older I still loved the sand between my toes but the idea of shorts, bathing suits and baring my skin became something I dreaded!!  I still did it and pretty sure I may have broke out some two pieces when I really should not have been.  I guess I was embracing the wrong kind of suck.  

I remember going on our honeymoon in late September and buying capris in EVERY color under the sun so that I did not have to deal with my legs being out for all to see in a pair of shorts.   Skirts were also my big secret...I guess I thought I was hiding my legs and butt under there but looking back at was NO GOOD.   I only just starting running in shorts for the same reason-didn't need all of me out there.  

Summer now is something I now look forward to.  I have shorts that I wear, sundresses that fit and bathing suits that I love.  I am not focused on what size I am wearing but rather that I feel confident in what I have on.  

My 7 year old daughter saw this ad in our local paper the other day.  She looked at the pic and said something quickly under her breath and I asked her to repeat herself...she said..."Those are some STRONG legs."  She then went on to flex her muscles and put herself into a squat position.  I almost cried.  All that I am doing is not just for me...and I am so proud of her for learning from this experience as well.  She is the one that will do the monthly squat challenges with me...right there through over 100 squats at a time.  

So summer is coming...but spring is luckily first in line.  We have a few extra weeks to make those smart choices and help us get a little closer to the person we want to be.  Focus on making yourself a stronger you every day.  Get ready to bare it all this summer and feel the best you have in awhile.  Be excited to toss those thoughts of dread contiplating what you will wear to the neighbor's picnic because everything is too tight and you will be sweating to death because you didn't make the smart choices now to get yourself in a better place.  You can do this...and it will feel so good!

Embrace the suck...and choose you!

Monday, February 9, 2015

A wise man once said...

Chatting with a friend this morning in between swim practices for our kids and she shared with a me an amazing quote.

"Comparison is the Thief of Joy" - Teddy Roosevelt

In all that we have to do in a given day at home or work we have spouse support, child navigating, chores, errands, health and fitness...we like to tack one more thing on to this every growing list...JEALOUSY!  It is such a miserable thing and everyone does it!  I know that there are days that I am on my "A" game and other days where I just want to phone it in.  Generally on those other days is when that nasty ugly emotion comes creeping in.  

The thing I tend to be jealous over is other people's amazing skill of organization.  That is where I fall VERY short in my life.  That is the area that I give the least attention to and there are many days where we all suffer because of it.  Case it point, missed G3's first day of swim lessons in December, G1 and G2 missed church musical practice this past Saturday...too many balls in the air.  Too many baskets of clean laundry in the hall and clothes to be sorted and stored away for the next growth spurt.  Having organization in my life I feel would make me more whole.

Back to the wise man and how he relates to fitness and health.  Stop looking at magazines, pictures on pinterest and ridiculous bodies on television.  Many of these people are purely images that probably still compare themselves on any given day to someone or something else. Stop saying that you "just" ran 3 miles today or "I run slow" so you probably don't want to run with me.  Stop beating yourself up and telling yourself you are not good enough because you didn't do what someone else did.  

Every step you take whether it is 6 inches or closer to your goal.  Every time you let that twinge of jealousy creep brings you back and you will feel even lower than before.  That is when it is the hardest to pick yourself up!  Be proud of yourself for taking a chance on you.  Encourage that friend to reach their goal and use them to help you reach yours as well.  Enough with the constant comparisons and more with the constant encouragements for both yourself and others.  Find YOUR joy!

Embrace the suck and choose you!!
March 2014...Orange visor with me in month two of my quest!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Working for the weekend!!

Well you made is finally Friday!  As much as I love the weekend and everyone home and's tough because....well, everyone is home and together!  Love my six pack but sometimes it is nice during the week to be on my schedule with just the two little ones.

My husband and I are both training for events in the spring and fall so that means we both need to find time on Saturday and Sunday to fit in our workouts.  We also have school events, basketball games, sunday school and church...oh and any fun you want to squeeze in too on top of laundry and feeding everybody-why do they require food SO OFTEN!!!

So we plan...ALL THE TIME...plan.  We already know what we will be having for dinner on Friday and Saturday night...who is taking what child where...who will feed them lunch while the other is exercising or showering post run.  It is crazy and a bit over the top but if you don't plan, you are only planning to fail.  I would be telling a fib if I did not confess that sometimes when things get really crazy a spreadsheet or two have been made ;) 

It is so easy to tell yourself...oh let's just go through the drive thru so we don't have to bother making lunch for the kids when we are done with the game.  Be very very bothered that you are not making the smart choice for you or your family.  We hold people in our lives to high standards as to how they are to treat members of your family, people you care so deeply for.  Time to hold yourself to those same standards.  

If you are just starting your journey...congratulations on making that choice!  If you are in the middle of it and maybe struggling...stay are on your way.  And for those of you that need to maintain-sometimes this is the hardest part.  You have completed all this work-and you just want a break.  Don't give up on yourself and keep your commitment!  Sometimes maintaining is just as hard! 

So don't go off the deep end this weekend...don't set yourself up to fail.  Plan out a time that you ARE going to get your workout in and figure out before you go out to dinner...what is a good choice for me to make at that restaurant, do some homework before you get there.  

Embrace the suck...and choose you!  Happy Friday!!

"Everybody's working for the weekend, Everybody wants a new romance, Everybody's going off the deep end, Everybody needs a second chance, oh" -Loverboy

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A long road

5, 10, 20, 50, 100....whether this is miles you want to run or pounds you want to lose, they are numbers that you carry with you in your head all day long.  No one goes to run a marathon on day one of training so no one should expect to loose five pounds on day one of trying.

Scared, doubtful, anxious, concerned, lazy, intimidated, alone.  Another long list of words that are the feelings you have over this new process you are still trying to convince yourself to adopt.  I spoke with someone this week about training for a race-she was discussing that for her, getting from mile 4 to 5 was extremely challenging.  Once she mastered running five miles,  every mile she ran after that was not that difficult for her to wrap her head around.  The mental barriers we put up for ourselves are the ones that truly need to come down ASAP!

If I stayed the way I was, eating whatever I felt the desire to consume, grabbing a milkshake or a Starbucks just because, grabbing chocolate covered almonds while grocery shopping from the bulk candy road would have been even longer.  The day comes where you say to yourself...these jeans don't fit any more and it's my fault, and I am not buying the next size!!!  You decide that day to take action!

"You can be who you want to be!!"   My youngest child has been addicted to this Sophia CD a friend made for us recently.  The song he wants to listen to on repeat is a duet with Sophia and non kid readers-this is a Disney Junior thing.  Anyways-I probably sing this song 25 times a day and it's catchy hook is...."You can be who you want to be!!"  I can't help but think deeper into this little phrase and look back with gratitude to myself that I made that choice.  I was not the best mom, partner, friend, and woman a year ago.  I don't think I was necessarily selfish but rather just didn't care.  I didn't know where my road was going to take me and how strong and happy I would be at the end.  Those bits they do on Biggest Loser always get me, with the before and after you talking to each other.  I would still want to thank the old me for getting me here today-she made me want this more than I ever would have come to it on my own.

Please give yourself a try-do something that makes you might just love yourself even more for trying.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Start-It's better than the alternative

Starting is the hardest part-you know the steps required to meet the goal and it seems impossible!  You want instant satisfaction!!  Well guess what-that does NOT happen.

Here are my suggestions for you to start today:
  1. REMOVE food that you KNOW you cannot have around.  You can't start this game with the score 28-0 at the beginning.  Be fair to yourself, give yourself a chance, be HONEST-I for example CANNOT have cookies in my house.  My kids just have to learn to accept that Oreos will not be a part of their life either-and really-aren't we both better off for that.
  2. Log into Myfitnesspal and create your profile.  Be realistic...don't put in losing more than 1.5 to 2 pounds a week and make exercise at least 30 mins a day.  This way if you work out more on other days you can build in a rest day. **Getting starting in this can be frustrating-you have to look up all the food you are eating and figure out quantities etc.  If you have a smart phone you can scan the bar codes of your items.  I eat a lot of the same stuff so after a week of entries your items will all be in your "recent" tab and will be easy to enter.**
  3. Dust off the measuring cups/spoons you used to make all your amazing holiday cookies and maybe buy a second set at Target this week-they are going to need to be accessible at all times.  Invest in a scale that you can measure your proteins on.  Your fist may be bigger than another person's and 4 ounces can turn into 6 ounces easily.  Measure Measure Measure-you are probably not sure what a cup of cereal looks like-it's a lot smaller than you think!
  4. Buy a Nalgen while at Target too and DRINK WATER-Lots of water!  I try to drink three 32 oz Nalgens a day.  Also try to finish them by 7pm so you are not up ALL night going to the bathroom.
  5. Get up and get moving.  You do not need to run or head to the gym like a crazy person.  Work out DVDs are awesome and walking the neighborhood can get you sweating!  Remember you are working towards something-it will not be easy at the start-but each day you keep this in your routine it will get easier!
  6. Enter in your food even when you KNOW it's bad.  You will surprise yourself that when you are tracking your intake-your little cheats are more controlled and probably will not be the end of your day.
  7. Keep positive and tell a friend.  Accountability is a huge part of this and if there is one other person to help you up when you fall off track you are more likely to have success.
  8. Give yourself a mental break.  Stop beating yourself up and and start lifting yourself up.  It's hard and you really don't "want" to do it.  You really just want the end result.  Realize today that this is a process and you are in control and you can do it!

What my food intake looks like-
For the past 365 days I probably have had Wegmans Weight Control Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal 340 days.  I can handle having the same thing day in and day out.  It fills me up-tastes delicious and my body can start the day energized with it!  I am pretty similar in my lunch as well.  Turkey roll ups with tomato, kale mix, onion and avocado.  Take note of things at the grocery-you can get some roll ups for 80 calories vs. 200.  120 is equal to a half a cup of slow churned ice cream which I would MUCH rather have than a 200 calorie wrap!  Dinner is usually salad, protein and a small carbohydrate.  I am a big dessert person so I make sure I have calories every night for that!  I will post another entry that will have my first week of MFP back on January 27th 2014.  It only consisted of 4 work out sessions at ~35 minutes of running at 10 minute miles.

This whole process is about sacrifice and this for that.  I keep saying-choose you-another part of that is just making sure you are added to the list.  So many things have to get done in a single day let alone a week that even though you are saying you are choosing you-you are not on the list of things to complete!  If it helps-literally write yourself into the schedule-you do it for everyone else-why not you!

Below is a year comparison to when I started this journey last January.  Seeing the picture side by side really blows my mind-and I feel so very strong and secure today and seem to forget those feelings I had last January.  

Embrace the suck and choose you today!!