Friday, February 13, 2015

Honor, Love and Respect

I went to my first EVER spin class today and let me tell you-it was AWESOME!!!  A friend and I went to try it out and we were both pleasantly surprised by how much we truly loved it.  Lindsey K was our instructor and she pushed me harder than I would on my own bike in the basement.  It always makes me laugh that when someone else asks me to push it just that little bit more, turn up the resistance; I listen and follow directions and do it!
Cycle Scene...Orange Visor and Lindsey K

Great music was pumping and constant words of encouragement were being thrown our way the entire time.  I have not done a group fitness class in years.  Running with a buddy or solo is very different than the group mentality and having a leader.  The one phrase that Lindsey kept saying during the grueling 45 minute class that really hit home was "Honor Your Body!"

Just typing that makes me tear up a bit.  

I just did a quick Google search on wedding vows and 95% of the returned results had the word honor in there somewhere.  The place I was just over a year ago did not have a lot of honor or respect in it.  I took a vow in front of all my friends and family for a man I love to the moon and back...but forget to hold my own self to those same virtues.  I felt loved by those around me but I don't think I was able to give the love that others truly deserved.  I can say that I was not honoring the body I had and giving any respect to it.  It is so incredibly hard even to this day to EVERY DAY make that choice.  It is so very easy to take the easy way out and just say-forget it...I just don't care.  But the fact of the matter is you do care...and that is why it's hard.  

"Honor your body-it's the only one you get."   You can make the change to find the person you really want to be.  It's hard but not impossible.  People you love will help you and lift you.  They will honor and love you!  You will feel better, happier, move more freely, not want to be a wallflower, and maybe smile a little more.  You will not only honor, love and respect those around you with more ease-but you will be able to do that for yourself.  

Embrace the suck...choose you!!

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