Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Olaf says it best...."A drink in my hand, my snow up against the burning sand
Prob'ly getting gorgeously tanned in summer."

I grew up on the Jersey Shore every summer and loving the beach and ocean as much as my cousin sitting next to me with our baby oil on!!  As I got older I still loved the sand between my toes but the idea of shorts, bathing suits and baring my skin became something I dreaded!!  I still did it and pretty sure I may have broke out some two pieces when I really should not have been.  I guess I was embracing the wrong kind of suck.  

I remember going on our honeymoon in late September and buying capris in EVERY color under the sun so that I did not have to deal with my legs being out for all to see in a pair of shorts.   Skirts were also my big secret...I guess I thought I was hiding my legs and butt under there but looking back at was NO GOOD.   I only just starting running in shorts for the same reason-didn't need all of me out there.  

Summer now is something I now look forward to.  I have shorts that I wear, sundresses that fit and bathing suits that I love.  I am not focused on what size I am wearing but rather that I feel confident in what I have on.  

My 7 year old daughter saw this ad in our local paper the other day.  She looked at the pic and said something quickly under her breath and I asked her to repeat herself...she said..."Those are some STRONG legs."  She then went on to flex her muscles and put herself into a squat position.  I almost cried.  All that I am doing is not just for me...and I am so proud of her for learning from this experience as well.  She is the one that will do the monthly squat challenges with me...right there through over 100 squats at a time.  

So summer is coming...but spring is luckily first in line.  We have a few extra weeks to make those smart choices and help us get a little closer to the person we want to be.  Focus on making yourself a stronger you every day.  Get ready to bare it all this summer and feel the best you have in awhile.  Be excited to toss those thoughts of dread contiplating what you will wear to the neighbor's picnic because everything is too tight and you will be sweating to death because you didn't make the smart choices now to get yourself in a better place.  You can do this...and it will feel so good!

Embrace the suck...and choose you!

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