Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A long road

5, 10, 20, 50, 100....whether this is miles you want to run or pounds you want to lose, they are numbers that you carry with you in your head all day long.  No one goes to run a marathon on day one of training so no one should expect to loose five pounds on day one of trying.

Scared, doubtful, anxious, concerned, lazy, intimidated, alone.  Another long list of words that are the feelings you have over this new process you are still trying to convince yourself to adopt.  I spoke with someone this week about training for a race-she was discussing that for her, getting from mile 4 to 5 was extremely challenging.  Once she mastered running five miles,  every mile she ran after that was not that difficult for her to wrap her head around.  The mental barriers we put up for ourselves are the ones that truly need to come down ASAP!

If I stayed the way I was, eating whatever I felt the desire to consume, grabbing a milkshake or a Starbucks just because, grabbing chocolate covered almonds while grocery shopping from the bulk candy road would have been even longer.  The day comes where you say to yourself...these jeans don't fit any more and it's my fault, and I am not buying the next size!!!  You decide that day to take action!

"You can be who you want to be!!"   My youngest child has been addicted to this Sophia CD a friend made for us recently.  The song he wants to listen to on repeat is a duet with Sophia and non kid readers-this is a Disney Junior thing.  Anyways-I probably sing this song 25 times a day and it's catchy hook is...."You can be who you want to be!!"  I can't help but think deeper into this little phrase and look back with gratitude to myself that I made that choice.  I was not the best mom, partner, friend, and woman a year ago.  I don't think I was necessarily selfish but rather just didn't care.  I didn't know where my road was going to take me and how strong and happy I would be at the end.  Those bits they do on Biggest Loser always get me, with the before and after you talking to each other.  I would still want to thank the old me for getting me here today-she made me want this more than I ever would have come to it on my own.

Please give yourself a try-do something that makes you might just love yourself even more for trying.

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