Sunday, March 1, 2015

Time after time

We all want more of it...want it to slow down...want it to stop for a moment to truly take in all that is happening...we want it to speed up so that we can get what we want sooner.  It is not guaranteed and it is not always in our favor.  We under schedule, over schedule, purposefully block out weekends so that we don't have to have a laundry list of other things to do!  Time is so very important to everyone and should not be taken for granted.

Maybe some people see running as a selfish sport...I have never thought of it that way...I have always thought of it as escape for me and my brain to remove myself from the whirlwind that is my life with four kids and a husband who trains for Ironman and give me time to be alone.  It allows me to appreciate the people in my life that much more because I have taken time for myself and a few deep breathes.  It allows me to feel whole and recharged and be complete with my family.  It shows me that I am still a strong girl that can push herself as needed and prove herself wrong on many occasions.

Today I wish time would speed up...I wish that it was 60 degrees and the sun was shining and the sky was that gorgeous blue we all have been missing so much lately.  I wish that the laundry was done, the house was picked up and we were going to have dinner out on the deck while listening to birds chirp and kids play in the creek.  I wish that we were done with the month of March right here on the first day of the month.  Alas, we have thirty more days to get through this LAMB/LION of a month.

This weekend I spent four hours of my "free" time running...I thought of anything and everything I could while I looped my neighborhood, got hit in the face with sleet and snow, and really just wanted it to be over.  I wanted so badly for the miles to fly by and just have the success at the end of a killer completed training run.  I had thought out what I would eat post 19 mile run and was so much looking forward to a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs WITH garlic bread!  Cookies with my tea was my reward for my 9 miles in the snow and sleet.  Little things that keep one foot going right in front of the other despite what the body really wants to do...generally long runs involve lots of thoughts of food!

I open the door to my house after these hours away from my family and what do I get but a roar of "MOMMY'S HOME" clapping and them all rushing to the door.  They are asking how I did those long miles feel, you must be tired!!  You did it Mom!!  Great job!

So that is a time that I want to freeze.  I want to bottle up my family and keep them just as they are.  But the reality is this, time is needed, time heals all wounds, time allows us to grow, time is borrowed and time flies.  I have to embrace that this time that I choose to be away from my family is indeed for the best reason.  I am making the choice of me and making a stronger, better mommy and partner.  I can only hope that in the end, this will be the true benefit for my family. I hope that my kiddos follow in my footsteps down the line and choose themselves and set big lofty goals and have the support of their family and friends to help chase down that goal and kick it's butt!  

Tomorrow is Monday-an opportunity for a self reset, an opportunity for you to choose you and set yourself up for success in the upcoming week.  You can take the time needed today to prepare and get yourself into the right mindset.  You can make the choice to choose you and be in control of the time you spend on yourself.  You can make better choices and have better results for you!

Embrace the Suck...Choose You!

Time After Time...Cyndi Lauper

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