Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's all about the food, about the food...no problem ;)

When I am ON, things are easy.  When I PREPARE, I have success.  When I DEVIATE...all goes to POT!

The thing that you have to come to realize is that you truly WANT to embrace the suck and try to change.  You can talk, read, research, ponder making these changes but until you make the decision to actually do it and want to accept all consequences of this decision...only then you will have success.

A concept that is very hard to wrap your head around in the early parts of embracing is this...food will always be there.  Again-food was more my issue when trying to find the balance in my life...that was my weakness...and still is.  It is such a social, fun, carefree kind of atmosphere for so many people.  There are some people that are just blessed with a metabolism that doesn't stop so either does their appetite.  I on the other hand was blessed with my family's thighs and not a high rate of metabolism!  I now embrace my strong things and do my best to increase my metabolism.

With that I know how hard going off course can be and how much it STINKS to make that sacrifice when you are out and about with others that are not embracing that same suck!  I would have to talk myself into this situation, know that I could handle it and prepare for it the entire day.  A work out would be on the books for sure, lots of water would be going down, and I would if I could plan ahead what I would be eating at the event.  There are times when going to a friend's home that I would make sure to bring something that I know I could eat and not have the guilt.  That is not to say that a brownie or two from their serving tray did not make it's way to my plate.   That is why I would have worked out that day!

Back to the food...it will always be there!  Again-it will always be there!!  Just because it is someone's birthday and Aunt Susie made her famous coffee chocolate cake with amazing icing...you do not need to have FOUR pieces of it!  Pretty sure that cake will make an appearance in your life at some other time or you can grab the family recipe and have it served up for someone in your family's celebration.  Going out to dinner with family and friends is not a last supper!  That restaurant will be there the next day and the day after that.  The great thing about restaurants is you can go back to them.  You do NOT need to eat everything on your plate and everyone else's because you never get to this place.  

I know this is all easier said than done but that is where the embracing the suck comes into play.  If you want success sometimes you need a little sacrifice.  And again, if you are choosing to try to make this change for the better-you have to accept that sometimes it is going to suck.  You are going to want to go crazy and shove a bowl of chips and salsa in your mouth...10 chips taste just as good at 30.  

Now I will sit here and wait for my kids to get off the bus so we can have our yogurts together (mine is 80 calories, 12g of protein), it's my little reward for making it through the afternoon without snacking...I can sit with them and have a treat too while listening about their day.

Be prepared...plan ahead...listen to that voice in your head....EMBRACE THE SUCK...CHOOSE YOU!

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