Friday, March 27, 2015


Here we are...we have made it to spring togetherness will be in full swing...let the battles begin!!  I am excited that spring break is here...just hoping we all get to relax a bit.

The warm weather is not here and let me tell has me in a rotten mood!  My food choices are not the best because I am using my crappy mood as an not a good thing!  I just really feel like sometimes all is coming down around me and I still have to pick up all the pieces when I don't know where they go!

So on a day like this when the list is like this:

  • piles of laundry to be put away
  • piles of laundry to be done
  • dishwasher to empty
  • dishes to load into dishwasher
  • toys in every room that belong somewhere else
  • beds to be made
  • shoes to be put in mudroom
  • soap dispensers that are empty
  • puzzle pieces in random rooms
  • barbies EVERYWHERE
  • dusting...we still do this right...because it has been AWHILE
  • sorting of clothes in my closet to purge-mid project
  • sorting of clothes in kids closets to store-constant project
  • eliminate some of the 100 pairs of socks hubby has...we only have two feet last I checked
  • make my March calendar on my dry's still good for four days
  • register for tomorrow's Easter egg hunt
  • get out Easter baskets and maybe put some decorations out too!
  • pack for our little get away
  • what's for dinner??
I end up doing this:
  • rest day for exercise
  • make sure G1 gets a 4 on his spelling test-up at 6:45 to review before school
  • get phone situation resolved
  • have a quick visit with family 
  • feed G3 and G4 something that resembles lunch after dealing with phone situation for a few hours
  • put G4 down for nap
  • let G3 veg out on kindle
  • blog a bit
  • anxiously wait for G1 and G2 to get home so we can watch the voice from Tuesday
  • eat a cookie when you know you shouldn't 
  • go out with girlfriends tonight and take a lot of deep breathes
  • know that this is one of many days...and it doesn't have to be perfect
I hope this week will be a great reset for all of us before the busy spring gets into full swing.  I hope you know that the list will always be there and it will forever be growing and not everything needs to be checked off!!  I hope we can remember to read a book to the littles when they ask...and snuggle with the bigs while they still let you.  It is important to have the sense of accomplishment with each day but it is also important to let yourself have an off day.  Every part of you, mind, and body needs to stop once and again.  We have so much coming at us in every which need to just shut it down at times...and enjoy that moment!

So yes...continue to embrace the suck and choose you...but don't lose any moments either!!

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