Thursday, April 2, 2015

Energizer Bunny???

So here I am 14.5 months after starting this journey and I have met my goal a few months ago and am still continuing to grow and stay strong.  I have always thought that maintenance was harder than the losing side of this battle but still doing my best to keep this dream alive.

Every day we make this crazy decision that we are going to keep going...and all the things that are the hardest to overcome are just staying in your head all day long.  It's that adage of don't think of "x" and that is all you can now do.  You lay in bed or on the couch and all you think of is that you need to get some exercise in, yet you don't move.  Then starts the mental battle of you telling yourself that you are failing...then that bad thought...why should I even bother?!?!

I know that it is so hard to have faith in yourself and think that this is going to work.  I know that it seems so much easier to make the wrong choices and accept that and lose all belief in you.  I know it takes time to find new healthy recipes, go food shopping to get these items, prep all the ingredients and then tell yourself that this tastes better and is more satisfying then the double cheese burger and fries that are easier and quicker to acquire.  

I know the idea of starting to run for ten to fifteen minutes seems unrealistic, finding the time to get to the gym for half hour a few times a week seems like it won't fit into the schedule, getting into workout clothes that you don't feel comfortable in is a horrible idea!!  You have survived the winter months in your comfort shell at home, baking cookies on every snow day, wearing many layers to hide your new layers, but knowing at the back of your mind that warmer weather is coming...and the layers will have to be shed.  

So how do I stay the course and how did I tell myself during the process that it was going to work?!?  I have always had a crazy competitive edge with myself and wanting to improve.  I have gone up and down many times but knew this last time was going to be the final down and would uncover the person that I am today.  I have a husband that is equally crazy on wanting to be the strongest and has that same inner competitive person in there.  He doesn't shake his head when I suggest crazy new recipes or insane fitness schedules.  I sign up for races so that I HAVE to get out there and add up my miles on the pavement.  No one is going to make me run...I have to make that decision.  I am not the kind of person to show up for a race and not be prepared...I want to come in as strong and ready to kick some butt...specifically my own.

spring break with my buddy...we both made big changes in just one year-smile is a bit bigger!!

I don't think this is something you can teach's a drive that you have or you don't.  I do think it is contagious and something that can be acquired once that person flips the switch.  I know each day that I am charging toward my goal and without putting in the work that I know is required....I will not reach that goal.  Failure is not an have one chance at this to make you the strongest you...why would you not want to do anything but your best!

So yes...stop the pity party...find something that you can keep at and let yourself know that success comes will just sneak up on you and there you are at the top of the hill.  Bumps and bruises will happen along the way but the fight makes the success even more sweet!  Keep yourself in check...ask for help...sign up for classes or a race...have a buddy...your success will encourage others and they in turn will help you...I promise you this!!

Embrace the suck...choose you...believe in YOU!

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