Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A long time coming...

Holidays, family get together, visits with old college roommates, a vacation getaway somewhere warm, the quintessential Disney trip....all things that we long for and may even have a count down to them out and visible so everyone can build their excitement level as the day approaches.  The great thing about these items is they are in your control and you for the most part you can make sure they happen.  One most amazing weekend get away with girl friends may not be replicated perfectly a second time around but it still feels wonderful to be with the ones you care about so much.

So my countdown is coming to a close...t-minus five days till my second marathon.   I still have to laugh at myself that when I started my "first" fitness journey back in '09 I was not embracing anything running related and just thought of this as another potentially fun thing to do that could also help shed some weight.  With that I uncovered the competitive person I was back in high school sports and realized that this running thing was not a fad but something that was going to be my thing.  November 8, 2009 was the date of my first marathon and here I am 6.5 years later and doing this again.  I NEVER thought I would run one marathon let alone two.  

4:17:44 Marathon OBX '09
Orange Visor on backwards ;)
 Eighteen weeks of focus, drive, determination, sacrifice and all too many highs and lows.  Running long runs on ice covered streets in my neighborhood to get me to 20 miles when I had to basically trot along to not wipe out giving me a slower than desired pace.  Meeting with so many new and old running friends for any portion of my runs made that day amazing.  As much as I do like to run alone the little change ups over the weeks were VERY welcomed-THANK YOU!!  Checking in with my cousin who is also running this weekend and hearing how great she is doing in the training and knowing we are almost done!  Can't believe she did so many LONG runs on the treadmill but being in the NE in the winter makes that a reality.  Being the escort to my friend who lives in my hood who is training as well for this weekend and honking at her along the way to get her home after her solo 20 miler.  Having my hubby and four kiddos standing on the other side of the door cheering for me after a crazy long run...making me feel like I just won the gold!

So for all the crazy early DARK long runs, black and blue toenails, chaffed skin, smelly sweaty laundry and over all exhaustion...I could never be MORE excited to run these 26.2 miles Sunday morning.  After watching Boston yesterday it only has energized me more and I really feel like I am ready to make a dream a reality.  I can understand the addiction to the sport and I wonder why it has taken me over six years to suck it up and run another beast of a race.

I now know the answer to that question.  I believe in me.  I know I am strong.  I know I am fearless.  I know I am prepared. I know that this new person I have unleashed can do amazing things.  I know that I have more support than I will ever know.  I know that others believe in me.  I know that anything is possible.  I know it will not be another six years before I let something amazing happen again.  It feels too good to not let it shine!!

Three believed in me then...I have two more to cheer louder this race!!
So many things that take a long time to get there turn out to be amazing.  Christmas morning is always magical...and we have to wait 365 days every year for that!!  This race on Sunday will be all that I want it to be...everything that I have put into it will be there to reward me back.  Take a moment and really think about what you want from yourself and realize the sacrifices you will have to make to get there.  I promise you the prize at the end will be worth it all.  You can be in control of this amazing transformation into a healthier, stronger, more confident you!  It has been a long time coming for that person to emerge but you can do it...they are in there waiting to get out!!

Embrace the suck and choose you!  

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