Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One day can make all the difference

So those two LARGE bags of Cadbury mini eggs that I bought last week did not last long!  I was so frustrated with myself-I just kept eating them until they were gone!  Proof again that certain things just DO NOT belong in my house.  I am in the home stretch to my race weekend and I promised myself clean eating and pretty sure they would not make that list.

The rest of this past weekend, after devouring the mini eggs, consisted of a whirlwind of activities and prepping the kids and myself for whatever the next event was we were going to tackle.  I got my work outs in and kept my food in check...but I had to make sure I was keeping it all in the front of my mind at all times.  

There are some days where I am about ten minutes late to dropping my daughter at preschool because I have climbed back into bed after my run and shower and fell back to sleep.  On these days I more than likely have arrived in my pajamas...and that is okay.  Yesterday was the LONGEST day of my life...and my house is still trashed and picking small projects today helped me to bring it back to an acceptable level of normalcy.  Kids clean laundry still piled up in hall...but hey...I have clean sheets.  Bought a rotten onion at the store yesterday-it was a sign...it was just a stellar day all around!

So today was a strong day, it had to be.  I did my run early...knew what was going to be on my plate over the course of the day both figuratively and literally...and created some order in my chaos.  I was showered and might of even had makeup on at preschool drop off, not in my pjs...and was relatively on time!  That one day of drive and focus can really cancel out all the other days of misguided decisions.  That one day can make you feel like you can duplicate this effort again tomorrow...it wasn't that hard.  That one day makes you believe in yourself.

At the end of all of this...that is what it is really about...believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with others that are willing to help you reach your goal.  Realizing that you are more than you currently are and you have all the tools within you to make yourself stronger.  Telling yourself everyday that you have made the smarter decision and many of those together will snowball and create success.  Remember that everyone struggles with something and your belief in yourself may be what they need to help them get out of bed early and go for a run, head to the gym or not make unhealthy food choices over the course of the day.  The example you set for yourself and your family will last long after you are done training for a race or reach your goal weight.  

That one day of success triggered you to start making a difference within yourself-be the difference!  Success requires a lot of hard work but it's just a day at a time.  Believe in you and amazing things will start to happen.

Embrace the suck...choose you!!

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