Wednesday, March 11, 2015

If A Tree Falls....

The age old question that your uncle or cousin or someone in your life asked you when you were a child.  You would reply back with every answer you could come up with and get into a debate with your sibling as to who was right and the counterparts that stirred up the question with you would just sit back and chuckle.

So the question is...If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound???

I feel like generally speaking women are more sneaky with food than men.  We generally are more emotional eaters and find peace with ourselves for whatever reason with food.  Food is very social for women and it's a bit of a release.  It is a very dangerous place for us to reside.

I can remember thinking if I eat the candy outside of my house and throw the wrapper away before I get home then it really didn't happen.  If no one saw me eat the sleeve of cookies then it didn't really happen.  If I put the box away UNDER all the other garbage in the trash can than it didn't really happen.  I can tell you today that all of these things did in fact happen and just because I did it alone doesn't mean I didn't have to face the truth after the fact.

Your mind can really be a crazy place to be.  The rationalization you try to tell yourself over why food needs to be eaten so that it will no longer exist in your home.  I still to this day say I should just finish them so that they aren't here anymore and then I won't have to worry about it.  I really do wonder if men have any of these same emotions...I know many women that have talked with me first hand about them...we are not alone!!

So yes-we are not alone...we have a group of people going through the same craziness at one time or another yet we still turn to food for completion.  It's time to reach out to others for strength and not feel ashamed or embarrassed.  We have all been in these crazy positions and will probably be there again.  Don't keep doing things in hiding...calories still apply whether you eat in your car or at your table.  Generally calories consumed on the go are the quick scary mindless ones.  The ones you tell yourself you can have real quick because you are rushing from one place to the next.  You prepare items for your children to keep in the car-do the same for yourself.

Nutrition is a constant battle and any tips or tricks I can pick up from someone along the way-I am taking!!  A new yummy lunch, a healthy on the go snack, or a vegetable family friendly dinner...BRING IT!  Keeping the strength to stay focused and make the choices is harder than the exercise aspect of it for me.  Staying prepared and knowing what I am going to eat throughout the day-easy peasy...but veer me off that path and a Cadbury mini egg will end up in my mouth.  Keep connected with a buddy that is trying to go down the same path and hold each other accountable!  You guys can have success together...just don't have a pity party together with a cookie eating contest!! answer the question...does the tree make a sound...It sure does...and it's DAMN loud!

Embrace the suck...choose you!

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