Friday, March 6, 2015

Guilt...should be a four letter word

Everything comes at a cost...and you have to be willing to pay the price.  I just made a low cal dessert for us to enjoy over the weekend and two slices have already been eaten by me!  I have entered them into myfitnesspal and know how much they are worth-and they tasted DARN good!  I now know my 40 minutes on the bike has turned into 50.  I still want my ice cream tonight!  Sweets will always be a part of my's my thing!

Do I feel bad that I did that??  Yes and no.  I now am more of the mind set that I understand that everything has a price associated with it.  If I am going to partake in a extra yummy treat on snow day number twelve then my workout will have to make up the difference, salad of some sort will be on menu tonight-no Friday night pizza night for me.  I have to hold myself accountable to me and the promise I made.  I don't feel guilty that I ate the dessert just maybe wish I didn't indulge in two pieces from the start.  I know I can correct what I did and it will be okay.  I know it's not the end of my day.

Downward spirals are a very dangerous place to be.  Often there were times where I would of had the two pieces of pie and continued eating...saying just don't tastes too good.  That is when the guilt and disgust of myself would come into play and I would be telling reason to are failing anyways.  That is when the ugly and mean would be coming full force in my head.

The new me understands that hiccups and mishaps are allowed and will happen.  You should acknowledge them and then move one.  Enjoy the family dinner out and not go overboard.  Enjoy the experience just as much as the food.  My two kiddos helped me this morning make the pie...watching my oldest get splashed as he was mixing dates and milk together made me smile.  G2 wanted to be sure the chocolate chips were not poisonous so she had to taste test before they went into the mix.  That time with them was just as delicious as the pie itself.  

Don't beat yourself up over every little bad moment.  Do hold yourself accountable and figure out what the cost of that hiccup is and pay up!  No need to punish yourself and have the negative thoughts.  You are only will bounce will make a better decision the next time.  Remove the guilt.

Embrace the suck...choose you!

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