Monday, July 6, 2015

Okay, I'm Ready

Taking some time this week to rest and relax with my family at the beach I grew up going to.  The only schedule we are trying to follow is the tides so that our stuff doesn't get wet and we move our chairs closer to the shoreline when we can.

Being away from home base does not mean that me or hubby are stopping the craziness that goes along with our training for our fall races.  Two bikes were mounted on the car rack, bike trainer packed as well as a box fan to keep us cool if we aren't able to make it outside for our rides.  I have attempted an open water swim with a full epic FAIL!  I do not like swimming when I can't see the lane line below me...what's up with that?!?!

It was my long run day...I had nine miles to do on the highway that goes right along the shore line.  This area was hit very heavily by hurricane Sandy so you have homes that are in shambles and boarded up, others that are completely gone and more that are in process of construction.  It is not normal to see so many work vehicles in a shore community but unfortunately it has become secondhand here.

So I slept in until 8am when hubby got back from his run for the morning and it was my turn.  I slowly crept out of bed after G4 and G2 came in to get snuggled in bed to watch a show.  I was ready to roll down the street that still has broken asphalt and huge potholes and rocks and dirt for road.  I was chugging a long and was very excited to see all the runners, walkers and bikers that are still lining the sides of these broken down roads.  They are out there doing there thing before the day truly starts. 

I can remember almost every summer that I was here I would tell myself this is the summer I was going to start running every day and enjoy it.  This was the summer I was really going to get myself into good shape before starting up field hockey season in the fall.  I remember my brother telling me to run the distance of the telephone poles on the highway and then walk to the next one...anything to keep me going.  I also remember eating a lot of crumb bun, mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, Italian subs,  bagels with cream cheese, personally made fried chicken sandwiches with some amazing cheese and sauce on them from the market I worked at...loaves of bread dipped in a delicious vinaigrette salad dressing while I waitressed all summer long.  These were not good choices.   I was not really ready to make any change or start anything new.

I was along a stretch during my run and I saw a girl walking with her dad who was walking their dog.  She looked to be about 9 or 10 years old.  She was walking a little bit ahead of him but still keeping him close to her side on the busy road side.  As they passed me I heard her say, "Okay, I'm ready."  And with that I looked back over my shoulder and sure enough she and her dad and her dog were running.  The smile that they put on my face was just huge!  They kept me happy through all of my miles.

Okay, I'm Ready.  Those are big words and I am sure that little girl doesn't know the strength she showed.  I have no clue how far or how long she ran with her dad that morning but I know she made the choice to do it.  Telling yourself you will do something and then actually doing it are two very different things.  She told herself she was ready and then she put it into action.  Her father did not seem to be there pushing her but rather there for moral support and motivation.  

Maybe this was her first day running...maybe it was the first time they had made it past the split in the highway...maybe she is trying to get herself into a healthier place for her.  Maybe she just loves to run at this early age.  Her story is limitless. 

I feel like vocalizing I'm Ready can be a really huge thing.  Telling yourself you are going to stay on task, start something new, begin a plan of some kind is great.  The scariest part I feel is saying those words out loud to someone other than the reflection in the mirror.  The first person that you need to have that conversation with is definitely yourself but then you go on and find that person that will not push you or pressure you but in fact motivate and inspire you.  They need to be your safe place.  They have to be willing to push you when you need to be pushed and hold you when you need to be held.  You also need to remember that you spoke those words, "I'm Ready" to them and they are going to try their best to help you get to that place.  FIND THAT PERSON!  Let them help you.  We all need all the help we can get!

So are you ready...are you really ready to make the change, find the uncomfortable, choose the hard, rise to the challenge, embrace the suck.  The list is long and one you can continue to just read or one you can take action with.  As I continued home in my final miles I saw a guy running with an Under Armor shirt on that read "I WILL."  He was getting a long with some dragging feet but he was out there doing it at his pace.  He was ready.  

Make the choice...Be ready....Embrace the Suck...Choose You!

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