Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The novelty has worn off

Ever go shopping with any children and they see a certain cereal that they HAVE to try?!?  The box then sits half eaten in your cabinet for over a month until you throw it away!!

How about a toy they HAD to get with their birthday money and pretty sure they played with it less times then I have fingers?!?

The best are those variety shops at the beach that have enough souvenirs for you to throw away in just about two weeks when you return home!?!?

Then there is my toddler that has eaten a certain food item many times and then one day he just decides, I don't like that anymore?!?

Same goes for you.  Maybe you started back reading my silly blog five months ago when I started all my ramblings.  Maybe it got you out of bed for a week in a row early in the morning and you started doing workouts while it was still dark outside.  Maybe it got you excited about the promise of you uncovering a new you that has been dying to get out.  Maybe you even took out your measuring cups and measured a few items before they made their way to your mouth.  Maybe you started to lose some pounds and it was super thrilling and it felt manageable.  

It was a lot like that first date with your significant other.  There was all this hope and promise and newness.  And the days went by and you logged your food and you were feeling positive and kept telling yourself that this was it...you were going to stay on task and maybe this silly new blog you were reading was going to help inspire you and keep you going.

Days turn into weeks and then weeks turn into months and maybe I post something, maybe I don't but it doesn't matter because you chose to not read it.  Please don't think that I think I am changing any lives here with my rants but I do think that I can help you stay motivated.  I do think that I know how hard the choices are to make and how much easier it is to just give in.  I do know how great it would be to not wake up and sneak out to a workout without waking my hubby and just stay in bed and snuggle.  I do know how much I hate doing all this extra laundry!  

So the newness is gone...how do you get it back?!?!  Maybe today is the day you re-evaluate why you stumbled across this blog to start with.  Reading a cookbook is one thing-going to the store, getting the ingredients and making a good or bad meal is another.  Maybe it wasn't the right recipe for you but you went through the motions and gave an effort and tried.  I know that my plan may not be right for everyone.  There are many fad diets out there and I am sure they work if you work them correctly.  I have never tried a "fix" or a "cleanse" or any "system" that promises results.  For me it is basic math, input verses output and staying in the green.  I guess I try to eliminate the novelty and just stick with what I know works for me.  

Today I challenge  you to write down why you did in fact start reading this.  What were the hopes that were present within you?  Were you wanting to sign up for your first 5k race?  Did you think maybe you would complete a month challenge...all thirty days?  Were you going to stop drinking soda and drink water all day long instead?  Every person has an area that they can try to better themselves...my goal is to spark that excitement within you and let you know that you can do it.  It will be hard, tiresome, and you will probably want to quit five times in the first ten hours.   I promise you it will be worth it. 

Find a way to keep that novelty there.  For me I have to sign up for a race of some kind-prepare a training calendar with various workouts to keep me engaged and physically check the box each day that they are completed.  If a friend attends a new fun workout class I see if I can give it a try to just break up the monotony.  I like to try new recipes so that weekly menu gets a little surge of freshness.  Buying some new cute clothes also helps you stay on task!  Back in 2001 when I lost my 50 pounds the first time...I got a second job at Ann Taylor...I was referred to as "cash flow negative."  All was good because I had worked hard for it and needed it....it kept me on task!

Don't give up on yourself.  Pick yourself up, dust off your workout clothes, workout dvds and get at it!  Log back into myfitnesspal and give yourself a solid three weeks of trying...really trying.  You will start seeing results and you won't want to stop.  Get the ball rolling and all new things will start heading your way.  Things you never thought you would be able to accomplish will just start happening.  Those are the novelties you won't get tired of!

Embrace the suck...choose you!!


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