Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Insanity Defined

Day one summer 2015.   No early wake up calls for the kids to get on the bus yet I still found myself waking to an alarm at 4:45 am.  I have made a commitment to me to get my butt in the saddle of a bike in Ashburn at 5:30 every Wednesday and I will make that happen no matter how wonderful my bed may feel.  Forty five minutes of sweaty good pain was coming my way quickly whether I was fully awake to know this or not.  Some may define this as insane.

You never know what you are going to get when you walk into a class with Lindsey...she is always thinking of new ways to bring you to the next level.  The pain is temporary and the sweat is amazing.  Some may think a spin class is just you and your legs for the entire time but to mix things up a bit and show your body a little bit of change we were doing push ups and squats on the bike this morning...making our body question what was coming its way.  Making it a little bit uncomfortable...taking it to the point of reckless.  Lindsey and those 45 minutes are therapy for my soul.  She really does take me to another place each morning I am there...a place I could not get to on my own.

I am sure many have heard the definition of Insanity by Albert Einstein - "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  Change is hard, change is uncomfortable. This is where you have to ask yourself that true ugly question that you may not really want to answer.  What am I doing different today to make that change for me?  If I want to see a change in my body or my mind, I have to decide to make a change in some area of my life.  

Even now for me I have to find ways to make that change.  My monthly challenges are something different to add into the mix of my fitness routine.  It is a surprise to my body and those targeted areas didn't know they were going to get all that attention for a solid month!!  Eating in a routine is a good thing but every once and again I need to shock my body with a different lunch or dinner so that it doesn't stay stationary in processing everything.  My running has changed a lot in the past two months.  I am done with marathon training so going from 50 miles a week to 20 if I am lucky is a crazy change.  With that I have started my triathlon training and that is a whole different change for my body.  I am still trying to get used to it all!  

If you are just starting your journey that many changes are probably coming your way.  That is so very daunting!  Every morning you don't want to feel stressed about what you "have" to do to make it a good day.  You need to just take it a step at a time.  Focus on the one change in that moment, let the routine slowly fall into place, and the results will start to show themselves.  Trust in the process.  Hard work pays off, setting goals and following through with the steps to get there will show.  You will not be the only one looking at yourself and seeing the change you wanted so very badly.  Those around you will see it in your smile and your will be standing taller, prouder, more confident.  You will start to share the true you with everyone around you.  

Stop driving yourself insane and decide today to make a change.  If what you are doing is not getting you to where you want to be...figure it out...start with a small tweak...make a change to get you to success.  

Embrace the suck...choose you...make a change!

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