Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It just takes one day

Each time that I lost weight over the years I got myself to the comfortable place where the pants I had in my closet fit again and I didn't feel GROSS anymore.  It was many days and weeks of writing, logging, planning, exercising and convincing myself every morning that I could do it.  There were times between each of the pregnancies that I didn't get back to that initial starting weight but it was close enough because I knew another baby was in our future.

I was chatting with my best friend a few weeks ago when we were lucky enough to get some time together and she said in her best friend voice, that yes Julie you are a little extreme.  The strange part of me was kinda happy to hear that...especially from her as she has known me through all my shapes and sizes.  When the person that knows you best sees that this is a new stronger you than ever has to be the real deal.

It just takes one day for you to wake up and tell is the day.  No more excuses.  One day to put on the workout clothes and do more than just go to Target and Costco in them.  One day of grabbing a measuring cup and seeing how much pasta you are having with dinner.  One day of going to bed early so you can wake up early to get to the class at the rec center in the morning.  One day of a friend saying let's sign up for a 5k and you agreeing.  One day of telling yourself that you have not truly committed to finding the new you and today is the day of true commitment.

In January of 2014 when I said enough already...I was ready for the change...even though I was not sure what I was going to uncover.  I had a goal in mind but over the past six months I have blown that goal out of the water.  I have pushed myself to new levels and trying new things.  Fitness is a huge component of my daily life with training for my 1/2 Iron Distance.  I can't look at the eight and an half hours I have to finish in a week and think this is impossible...I will never be able to run that far or swim that long let alone find the time to get it all in.  I have to just break it all up into pieces and tell myself I can do that one piece.  The next day...same thing...I can do this one piece of the giant puzzle.  
So through this process I fit into my clothes that were in my closet and then I needed to buy new ones.  I feel better on the days that I push myself extra hard and find its easier for my mind and body to make the smarter choices in the kitchen.  I am able to eat more and cleaner with the new me.  I don't feel limited or deprived.  I know what I need to do for success and I take it a day at a time.  It is still a challenge everyday to not eat three waffles with my kiddos and a big glass of milk but rather enjoy my oatmeal and decaf tea.  Those waffles smell soooo good!    When meatballs and spaghetti are on the dinner table I have the garlic bread too and probably more pasta then I would if I wasn't measuring it out.  If I know I can have it and it works into the's on my plate!

So day...try to log your food...see what you are taking in.  One day...go for a walk or try a class at the gym.  One day decide that you are worth more than you are telling yourself.  When you start to feel good...everyone around you will makes for a happy place.  Then when you wake up the next day...try again.  You may not have immediate success but don't give up on you so quickly.  It took more than a week to get you to this unhappy place so it will more than likely take you more than a week to get out of it.  Days will be long and hungry and tiring...but you will be able to do it!  The next day you will be proud of this new you that is creeping out and you can do it again!  Small changes add up to AMAZING results!

Embrace the suck...Choose the day at a time!!

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