Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What are your hopes for Orange Visor?!?

A friend of mine asked me the other day...what are your hopes with this whole Orange Visor thing?  I guess like many things in life, for right now it fits my mind and my lifestyle.  Being home with four kids is crazy enough and this is a great little outlet for me to sit down for a bit and empty my head.  It allows me time to reflect on moments in my life that if I had a hard back journal I may fill the pages and get a cramp in my hand.  It lets me share those quiet thoughts with others that may be feeling the same way.  It allows me a space where I can continue to chronicle my journey and show that I will never give up on me.

Yes, I post a lot of pictures of me and share my success with you, but I hope you also see the many times I fall down, that I don't reach the goal, that I had missed my mark at one time or another, and that I didn't start with this drive and determination.  In fact I started at the other side of the spectrum.  I didn't know that I wanted fitness to be such a huge part of my life but as Bob Ross used to say...that is what you call a happy accident.  

I guess I want this Orange Visor page to be about the unthinkable.  I want other people, especially women and moms, to know that you are capable of more than you know, that a bigger strength is within you and you can in fact move mountains.  I know that we are told time and time again that the days are long but the years are short when we are out carting our kids about town doing errands and an all knowing older woman drops that knowledge on us.  Well guess what...same goes for you.  Our time is also short and we are not getting younger.  Our kids will continue to grow and our schedules will always remain full.  There comes a time where we just have to say okay I am going to do this for me...and for them...and be that healthier, happier you!

following in my footsteps...literally!!
I know that my husband and I are a tad bit crazy, that we are truly dedicated to our fitness routines and something we don't really let slip off the to do list.  I can probably sell all my corporate suits and fancy shoes as this is the new me.  This person wants to be strong for more than just myself...I am trying my best to lead by example and let them tag along for the fun stuff.  I am a person that still indulges in brownies, doughnuts, ice cream and cookies but also loves a great chicken salad with goat cheese and kale!  This girl knows that life is about balance but in finding this balance I have uncovered a new me...one that finds challenges fun and pushing myself to new limits a great test of mental and physical strength.

So I don't know what this whole Orange Visor thing is about...but I know that I love hearing from people that are making those changes, that are believing more in you, that look at that picture of me in Camden Yards and ask who is this?  Change is possible...and it is slow...and it is hard....but it is possible.  It doesn't have to be running, or zumba, or bodypump classes, but pick something and stay with it!  You have one time around on this track of life...you might as well give it your all and be the strongest, healthiest person for you and your family.
feeling strong
Embrace the suck...choose you...make the change.

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