Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's never a good time

Life is a busy time every day...and when we have a break it's usually short lived.  When nothing is going on I tend to think that I have forgotten something...fifty percent of the time it's probably true!

I was challenged by a friend to do 22 push ups for 22 days to raise awareness of suicide with military veterans...everyday 22 veterans take their life.  This is a hard challenge, physically and mentally...I have miserable form and when I want to stop I think about these veterans and how they never stop...they never get to throw in the towel and say well that just isn't going to happen.  

As I started my day with snuggles with G4 in bed after G2 finished her breakfast and we were all piled into a twin bed...we began our morning process.  We escorted her to the bus and had a jump start on the day together.  G3 came down wearing her graduation cap...she made my morning.  I know that I am only on day 5 of this challenge and it is not getting any easier.

So I dropped to the floor in my kitchen and did my 22 push ups...every one of them was hard, difficult, strenuous, shaking and not in perfect form.  I agreed to this challenge and I will complete it and hopefully improve my form in the process.  I could have waited til 9pm tonight to get this done...but I chose 7:55am.

It's all hard...making the time and not the excuse is really the hardest.  My physical activity of choice is running and as much as I choose to run...every mile is still difficult.  It doesn't get easier but it becomes my routine...and that is what becomes easier.  The activity is still a challenge...the time that I make in my day to ensure it happens...that is what becomes easier.  And every day that I make that lace up my shoes and not deal with a messy playroom or laundry to be folded but rather make sure my time is becomes easier.  

The other thing about routines is when they happen...everyone else is aware of them and they stop questioning what you are up to.  When I make my food choices throughout the day and the kids see me measure and weigh's not bizarre to's just what mom does...and that doesn't make me feel out of place.  When I hop on the treadmill at 2pm to be done by the time G2 is off the bus at 3pm...G3 and G4 play...and don't really even talk to me while I am running except to ask what I would like my "play recovery meal" to be.  I am always greeted with a huge spread!

Making the decision to start up these routines is hard...and all you want to tell yourself is I have to get ready for x or y...need to do something with the kids...I need to give another 60 minutes to this project for work.  At the end of the day...the project that everyone will benefit from in the long run is you.  You need to feel good about you on the inside and the outside.  You need to realize that timing will never be ideal but that is no reason to not start or continue.  We all would like to just list off the excuses as to why we can't do I challenge  you to list of the benefits of you becoming a stronger healthier you...I think you'll like that list much better!

Embrace the suck...choose is the time!
memorial day 5k 2015...making the time

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