Tuesday, May 10, 2016

so much to do...so little time

yup...I have a house that is flipped upside down, laundry to be switched over, dinner to be prepped, sheets to put back on beds, swim team suits to inventory....the list is WAY TOO LONG!

So I will sit here and do a quick mental check in.  I am recovered physically from last week's marathon...the head and heart are still a bit sore but I can sit down on the toilet with out assistance.  Post race I had only run a total of three times and none at anything close to race pace.  This morning my alarm was set for 5:50am to go and tackle the hood...did not happen.  Turned off the alarm and convinced myself I would go when the littles were at school.

I ended up running with a friend and we both pushed each other way harder than I think we were either planning on doing.  It felt great!!

There is a part of me that gets a bit broken after a race...good or bad outcome.  All that build up...it's like a wedding or a vacation...looking forward to it...planning, prepping, training...and then it's over.  There is a definite bit of a let down.  So I ate a whole bunch of crap food for over a week...haven't tracked a thing that I have put in my mouth...and just was kind of going through the motions.  Today I flipped that switch.

post 12.8 leg in last years relay..wicked hard
That is the thing of life...you never know what it will take for your switch to flip.  Today it was six miles for me at a fast pace which resulted in a lot of hard breathing and a full on sweat!  It felt awesome.  It made me so happy I decided to run and check in with said friend if she wanted to meet up. 

This weekend is my third Ragnar Relay...we head out Thursday morning and I can't wait to spend four days with 10 amazing woman.  Life can get so heavy on the heart and mind that these relays are great reminders of the things that I love so much.  I look forward to hearing some amazing stories, meeting some inspiring people on the course, and laughing.  These Ragnars are such a great mental break from life and kind of let me know I am okay.  These days are not about speed or distance covered but about people that are doing what they love...even if the moment it may not feel that way.

Today I hope a switch is flipped for you...I hope you are feeling a bit warm and fuzzy on the inside on this dreary chilly day.  I hope that you don't take this as a day to feel sad, lonely or unloved but maybe remember the love you have for your family and they have for you.  It's okay that everything is not perfect...things have a way of falling as they are supposed to.  Not always understood at the forefront but makes sense as the time goes on.   Perfect is BORING!

Trying to not get all sappy sappy on myself but it comes down to this...we get this life to love and live...and today is a gift!  Keep smiling and running if that is what moves you!

Embrace the suck...keep choosing you!

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