Thursday, January 14, 2016

What lies ahead...patience is needed

I have mentioned  that I am doing a different training plan for this marathon I am training for which is in May.  I am incorporating speed work into my weekly workouts.  I have done many of these drills before but it has been a long time.  Today’s workout was 4x800s…which means I have had to run faster than my marathon pace for 4 half mile segments.  Some people may love the change up of the regular just head out there and run….I was dreading this today!

I came downstairs to my husband still in his running clothes stinky and sweaty and my 8 year old finishing up her breakfast.  They are normally ready to head to the bus when I see them before I head to the basement for the treadmill run.  Today they were moving in slow motion…much like I was as I made sure to chat with them, quiz her on her simple machines, look at the book she was reading…I did not want to head to the basement for this speed workout.  I asked hubby how his run was and he said it was good…nice and steady at a 7:06 pace…just crazy business! He is the man that never ran and then just became fast…some days I highly dislike him.

So I watched them in their routine and I said to my husband…”Okay I am going to head down and do what I really don’t want to do.”  And he looked at me with a big grin and said, “What….qualify for Boston….because that is what you are doing.”

In that single moment…I changed my sad woe is me attitude and said with a smile…”I guess you are right.”  I gave my kisses goodbye and then headed down to the treadmill…and wow did I have a whole different view on these 4x800s this morning.  Yes there were going to be hard and I was probably going to be very winded and the quarter mile jog between them will not feel long enough but I will get through them.  And not only will they be completed but they are a part of a much bigger picture.  I was focused on this yucky one task and not that this is a stepping stone towards a goal….a big lofty goal.  

A year and a half ago when I was "in process" of uncovering the new me a friend came to drop her daughter off for a play date...I had just gotten off the treadmill and she asked if I had just worked out and I remember saying so clearly..."Yes...I was running...working on something big".  I knew even on that day that it was all lots of little steps to one bigger goal.  You can't let the end goal derail you from making all those HARDER, SMALLER, CONTINUOUS, and sometimes TEDIOUS steps.  The big goal is so fun to think about and be excited to get there...but you can't lose sight of the day to day.

Every day we have choices to make and opinions and emotions associated with all of them.  We are here and alive and probably have too much going on in our world.  We view our diet and exercise as just another task on the to do list.  Many days it all just feels like a chore.  Today, and it may just last for this one small moment, I was excited about the speed work and seeing how I could push myself.  I had flashbacks of run on this course last April and can remember the parts that I hurt and things feel apart.  Kinda like staying the course on your food choices and then throwing a cake pop, a bottle of wine, and a quick trip through the drive through with the kids into the mix.

the road ahead
We have to prepare, do the hard work early on so we can then enjoy the reward.  Every day you are here and you GET TO make the choice on how you are going to improve you.  Resolutions were made in this new calendar year, a chance to really start fresh.  Hold yourself to these ideals, make them a reality, but choose wisely.  If we go to fast to start we won't make it to the end.  Every day those little choices will stack up and give you results, speed, strength, next size of jeans, an easy jog with your child around the block, whatever you are striving for.  Have patience...your success will may not happen in one day...shocker I know...but it will come.  Keep making the smarter choices, hold yourself accountable and believe in YOU!

Embrace the suck...choose you!

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