Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We all know better

My house is less full than it was last week, the noise level is somewhat softer and the trips to the grocery store don't receive as many stares of people and questions of...four kids...are they all yours?!?!  It's nice and comforting to know that my little two pack miss their big two pack.  When everyone is back together at 4pm for the most part nice words are exchanged and you can see they truly missed each other.  

In day three of this new routine I am trying to get rid of all the junk that has accumulated over the past year.  Broken toys that are never going to be fixed or that crucial other piece found are making their way to the garbage.  Bags of clothes and toys for donation are in my near future...once I can stop typing!  As I look at all of their items throughout the house I find myself saying...If this is really important to you then you should have taken better care of it.

There it are responsible for what is near and dear to you.  For many years I was not near and dear to me.  My family was not the something that was taking me away from me, not sure what was...I just didn't see myself anywhere on the radar...I was busy with many things...but they were the wrong things for me.  I know some of you that may not have known the before Julie think I am this crazy fitness person...and the ones that knew the before me are hopefully proud of the me that has evolved.  Either way...the before or after me...this is me and I am not giving up again.  I am still in amazement that I wake up every morning and try my best to make the right choices, get my workout in, and stay focused on the goal.  I am addicted to the new me, good bad or indifferent.

Now don't for one second think that I am over the top crazy-crazy yes...but not insane...I just know that I like to eat yummy healthy food and there is a price for that if you want to eat that and feel strong and healthy at the same time.  That is the price I am willing to pay. I am willing to bike and run in darkness so that I can get it in before my husband goes to work.  I am willing to not eat dinner with my kiddos and let my hubby have a night with just them while I hit up the pool and swim and eat alone at 8:30pm.  I have developed a new relationship with fitness during this whole process-I love how it  makes me feel.  I have found what works for me and I am willing to take better care of me.  

And the working out has become a passion for me.  I LOVE to run in the early morning when it's still a bit cool and the sun is just breaking through the clouds.  I really feel like that time is a gift to me every time.  I come back sweaty, winded, and energized-walking in the door it's still silent and I feel like I just stole that time from the day for me.   No questions were asked of me in that time...I made the decisions.  Biking took time to come around to but knowing that I have grown in strength here makes me smile when I am on it.  When I come down a hill and am staying in my aero bars and not afraid of the speed that I am in control of...makes me happy.  I live in a beautiful place and on these new rides I get to see some amazing things.  Swimming still has to warm up on me but I no longer dread it...that is progress.  All these bits are having me take better care of me.

So maybe you haven't started your fitness part of the journey and you are still working on the nutrition side of your transformation.  I will say that is definitely the most important could work out till the cows come home but without a solid base and control in your diet you will not have success.  When you start on the fitness side...find something that makes you smile, something that won't drag you down when you think about going to start.  When you find your passion you will find your success..and then taking care of you won't be so much will all just start to unfold in front of your eyes.  Share it with a friend...start a challenge...something that keeps you coming back for more!

But please don't stop.  Keep up that HARD HARD can make you even stronger than you are today.  And with every day that you try you will inspire someone else to do so as well.  We all need some help and any positivity is welcome...but please keep the negativity to's hard enough to do this on our own...we don't need to bring each other down-just raise each other up.  Believe in YOU! Continue to make sTRIdes to find that person that IS within you and dying to get out and shine.  You are beautiful today and will be beautiful tomorrow but how you feel on the inside can finally match the outside!

September 2 2013-G4 Baptism
Embrace the suck...choose know better!

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