Sunday, September 13, 2015

Take turns

As you can imagine this phrase is spoken again and again with my four is spoken at play-dates with friends, on the playground with strangers, again with siblings...all day, every day.  It makes me tired trying to negotiate the whole situation again and again and again...but we do this because we want everyone to be happy...everyone to have a chance...everyone to have that sense of fulfillment.

Role this over to your marriage or relationship.  My husband and I don't track who has taken this many hours out of the family train...and who has been gone more over the course of a week.  We can definitely feel it when a part of the train is missing...we may get a little out of line or slow down a bit...but we know that caboose will come right back up the hill and push us if we need it.

hubby and coach
Dedication to a person and to their goals in life is a big ask and need.  After each of my husband's two full Ironmans I told him-after all of that long alone training, family meals with a chair missing, waking up to just you in the bed, staging of cars all over town to get a run in and we'll meet up at point C-you need to do another one.  That pride, amazement and disbelief I felt at the conclusion of both of his races was beyond words awesome.  Knowing all the hours, miles, meters he put into his training blows my mind and the effort he puts forth to kick his own butt each time is something I am striding for.  Knowing he reached a goal that he set for himself and my support of him made a difference in him reaching that goal...that is what it's all about.

We have balanced my running training over the past two years with his triathlon training, successfully.  But this year it was my turn to tackle something bigger and he could not be more on board with this new endeavor.  Not sure he ever thought I'd really go for this kind of a thing...he never pressured me into it...just let the eb and flo of life bring me to this decision and he continues to stand right next to me in's my turn.  

So we literally take turns tag team style.  I come back from my long ride and run and he is staged and ready to head out the door for his killer brick workout.  Our kids know that his third big momma race is just three weeks away and my half big momma race is five weeks away...and we are here and we love them, but right now it is our turn and our training is at a all time high.  They know and can feel the end is in sight.  Moms and Dads need turns too...they need to feel fulfilled, they need to reach new heights, they need to challenge themselves, they need to remember what that adrenaline rush feels like...they need to want to do better for themselves.  Our kids know and feel our love for them...but they also see that we support and love each other no matter what...something I only hope they can bring to a relationship of their own down the road.

Embrace the suck, choose you...and take turns!

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