Monday, May 4, 2015

Stay with the pack

It is so easy to fall off the wagon and stay looking up at the other wagons pass you by as you lay on the ground a mess in pieces.  You can so badly want to have the motivation and success that the rest of the group is having but for whatever reason just can't seem to get back up.  I can list out the excuses of reasons why we don't get back up but that is silly as I am sure you are currently rattling off 20 or more in your head at this moment.  We all have a story to tell and it has high points and very low dark points as well.

It's hard to feel motivated and positive all the time...its EXHAUSTING!  I definitely have days were I really DO NOT want to do whatever is on the training schedule but I know that I WILL feel great when I am done.  Having my muscles ache as I start to try new things is a rewarding moment.  It tells me that I still have room to grow and the ache reminds me that I am starting anew.  My run this week HURT a lot and was way slow and a true recovery run.  I needed to remind myself that my body is still recovering from the effort it put forth last week.  I am now in full TRI training for my first Half IronMan in October.  To accomplish all of this craziness I need help.

Generally my runs are a solo session and I long for these times out of the house away from my family and it's just me.  Six people in the house doesn't not allow for a lot of alone time...they need me to get out every once and a while for everyone's sanity.  I head to a spin class each week with two friends and we embrace the suck that is a 4:45 am alarm clock waking us up.  We have minimal words on our way there but on the way home we are awake and so happy we made the decision to get up.  I have jumped back into the pool after a very long long long long long break from swimming.  My gills are not where they used to be but in time I know I will have success.  It is so hard to start something again but you must remind did it can do it again!

Last week's marathon is still fresh in my head and there were many points along the run while I was still with the pacer holding the 3:35 sign that spectators were shouting out...Way to go 335...stay with them...they will get you there!  Just this weekend in the pool my friend and I were asking my husband(coach) about when swimming and trying to eye the buoy and which way to go...He replied...stay with the pack...they will get there before you will if you derail.  This week on Orange Visor on FB I started up a little ab challenge.  We have 66 people doing this challenge and a few unregistered spouses and friends...all supporting one another.  I am part of a running group on FB as well that we update our daily mileage to get to our goal for the year.  I didn't know these people before but the encouragement that we give each other every day is so needed, appreciated and motivating.

I know it is hard to stay focused and keep your eye and heart on the prize that is not yet within arms reach.  I know that telling yourself that the workout you completed that you are yet to see any true results from, because we all want instant results, was hard and frustrating and you don't want to do it again.  I know that the delta between where you are and where you want to be seems so very huge.  My advice here is to first believe in you.  You are your number one fan and once you get on your own bandwagon success will hop on too.  Second-surround yourself with others with similar goals.  It is so easy to let that one friend totally throw your solid week of good eating and work outs under the bus because...hey...didn't you have a great week-go ahead and have a huge piece of cake.  If you are with a supportive group it may be an offer of a walk around the block post dinner instead of a big dessert.  Every day I need help to reach my goals in one way or another and without the people around me that help and support me...I would not make it-they are my pack...and I am staying with them.

Tomorrow is a new day-start fresh...stay strong...embrace the suck....and choose you!!

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