Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Back to the basics

One of the hardest things I find in most anything is trusting in the process.  That dreaded weekly weigh in with myself and I still did not see the number I wanted to be at.  Nothing ever seemed to move fast enough.  How was I then going to be motivated to get up and work out, make a healthy choice to pick the right foods, and drink yet another Nalgen of water.  Some days it just didn't seem fair or worth it.

You have to want it...and yes I mean really really want it and more than that second glass of wine or second serving of dinner or sharing that appetizer with a friend.  You have to tell yourself that each day is a step in the right direction.  You have to want to challenge yourself and make your body hurt.  You have to know that it will not be easy and it will get better.  You have to know that sometimes your stomach will growl and you will not answer the call.  One day of trying is not going to get you to the finish line...it will be many days of failing, trying and succeeding that will bring you to your goal.

Two weeks ago at the Ragnar Relay in Cape Cod there was a team named Running Down A Dream.  I only ever met Van 2 of this amazing team and those six individuals continue to push themselves towards yet another goal each day.  This team of 12 people collectively lost 1500 pounds!!!!  Are you KIDDING me!  These 12 people gave all they could over these 192 miles and were probably the most beautiful people I meet there both inside and out.  Their enthusiasm for their new self was contagious.  They made you want to try harder and be better and I was so happy to have met them!  They were the definition of commitment to self and determination.  I get teary eyed just thinking about how they put themselves first and made a difference to the most important person they could-themselves.  They didn't shy away from sharing this journey and as a result probably inspired SOOO many others!

When I was chatting with them I shared my story as well.  Told them how I still track my food and exercise everyday...and one of them echoed me...EVERY DAY(in agreement)!  There comes a time when you have to accept that for some people if a goal is to be truly met and maintained...hard work and effort have to be put forth...DAILY!  Not sure if you can see on the pic of their van but three of their team members in this van had lost OVER 100 pounds.  That is beyond words amazing to me. 

Weight is my struggle.  It finds its easy way of creeping back into my life if I don't stay on it, especially challenging with four kiddos and those silly pregnancies.   I know that the kids weren't my only reason for gaining weight... (not all the kids fault)  I know that food choices are my way to success.  I now know that one week of true focus and tracking with no wiggle room gets me back to my comfortable zone.  That doesn't mean I am depriving myself of ice cream at night or cheese and sour cream on my mexican favorites.  It just means that I am weighing, measuring, logging, exercising and being HONEST with myself.  I am not having the other half of G3's peanut butter and jelly or sneaking left over jelly beans in the hopes that maybe walking up and down to do laundry burned an extra 50 calories that I haven't logged.  I am getting up early to make sure I get my work outs in before four other people share their long lists of requests with me.

Up and Down 2010-2015
So I stick to the basics...

-I believe in me
-I log all my food in myfitnesspal
-I have a safe kitchen in that things that are my trigger have n0 home here
-I weigh and measure everything I eat 
-I ALWAYS have my water bottle with me...trying to get 100 oz a day
-I have an exercise plan and know Sunday night as to when I will be working out each day
-I know that I will ALWAYS feel better after a work out
-I do silly challenges to add in extra fitness
-I have a great support system inside and outside my house
-I know that bad days will happen but I don't make that the norm
-I embrace the suck

Remember it is a day at a time...and the journey whether long or short is worth it.  You will be so happy and proud when this new person is uncovered.  You will be in a routine of a new you and all those old habits will be at bay and new better ones will be in their place.  

Embrace the suck...choose you...get back to the basics ;)

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