Friday, April 8, 2016

Not just another guy...but a guy with a goal

All my posts are often about my kiddos and my own struggles but I realize I don't talk to much about my husband.  Other than saying we met back when I was 18 years old and we have been together ever since.  I keep him my best kept secret.  

Our first triathlon

So yes...we dated all throughout college and we planned our future together and we gained a lot of weight together in the process.  Neither one of us said to the other that something needed to change but like many things that happen together in a couple...we started down the path and sure enough the other one followed suit.  I don't know who introduced running to whom but it happened.  I don't think that either of us would ever believe we would be sitting where we are today if you asked our 18 and 19 year old selves.  I know that wants and desires change over time and I am so thankful that ours changed together.

My hubby is a very quiet guy.  He works his butt off for our 
family and doesn't ask for much in return.  He started up with small triathlons and realized that this was something he enjoyed, coming from a swimming background the scariest part for me was his walk in the park.  When I was planning to run my first marathon in 2009 with a friend, he jumped in and took the bib when she couldn't make it.  He never said I want to run a marathon...but he did...and he stayed with me side by side the entire time, stride for stride.

OBX Marathon 2009

Every time there was me having a pity party for needing to lose weight after we had another baby, he joined right in again to help me track food, encourage exercise and create healthy meals.  He has continued to be an amazing example for me and our children of what commitment to oneself is and to a family.  Some may view his extreme dedication to the sport of triathlon as selfish, it is a lot of time away from his family and friends and parties that he may otherwise want to partake in.  We know there is a reason for his madness and we support him in his dreams.

The part of all of this that really gets me is this...he is six months away from his ultimate dream.  When a person is pregnant and they know they have six months left...they endure those uncomfortable months to have that beautiful little healthy baby arrive and hold them in their arms.  He has now volunteered himself on four occasions to train for something bigger than he had ever knew he wanted.  He is giving 36 weeks of very early mornings and sometimes missed dinners with the family to get the second part of his workout in.  He is not going to have a beautiful baby to hold, or a renovation on his house that will be finally complete after a long 9 months.  He is sacrificing for himself and us.  His reward will be priceless.

His first IRONMAN 2013
I am sure if we never started down this path we would be onto something just as  big and fulfilling but this is the path that together we have chosen.  He has no idea how much his actions inspire me and others on a daily basis.  Again...he is quiet...shy in fact...and just goes about his business.  He has boxes that need to be checked every day and he ensures they are done.

The rewards are usually sweet but sometimes they are bittersweet...looking back at the results you find yourself maybe second guessing your actions at a given moment.  This reward in October will be the sweetest...knowing the hours and hours of hard work he put forth in this effort...that our family has been there to cheer, support and sacrifice...we all can't wait!  

Sure I think my hubby is pretty freaking awesome and crazy...but at the end of the day...he is just a guy who had a goal and decided to see it through...and planned and prepared to see it not half way...but all the way!  

"Everything is fine when you head is resting next to mine....anywhere I go there you're the fire and the flood."

Thank you for taking me on this journey...thank you for inspiring me and our family to be stronger and goal oriented.  Thank you for showing us what hard work truly means.  Thank you for being more than I ever dreamed possible.  Thank you for having big lofty goals and making sure we do too!

Embrace the suck...choose you...have a goal!

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