Monday, October 5, 2015

The Dash

I was lucky enough to spend the day with a former coworker, a strong woman I call a friend, celebrating the life of her mother.  My dear friend was everything for her mother and father as they were for her.  It was a wonderful day filled with tears, laughter, silly stories and amazing people.   I was honored to know her mom and so glad that she today brought me back together with her daughter as it has been just too long.

I haven't been to a funeral for many years and today I was introduced to the poem called "The Dash."

It's funny how things come into your life at different times and it's not until later you realize why.  I have been feeling all crazed with hubby's and my race now on the same day and trying to accept that things are going to just have to find a way of working out.  I was getting wrapped up in the details of the whole thing and not remembering the work and dedication that we have taken to get to this point and that no matter what, it will be amazing.  I was focusing too much on the beginning and the end and forgetting about the all together process...the space between.

Life is a not always fun, joyful, times of celebration, success, happiness and laughter.  Everyone is not given a good hand of is not always all aces.  I feel though that no matter what hand you are dealt...those that have the most success are the people that are diligent to make those cards work in their favor.  It is the dedication that people put forth in these times of struggle and unrest that amazing stories are created.  These are the moments between the two dates, the times within the dash, that family and friends and those that loved you so much will reflect upon with a smile.  It is that drive that others can see and feel and want to grab a hold of that will leave the impression with them forever.

When those successes and good vibes start to appear you find a way of forgetting about the crap hand you were dealt and you start to feel more proud of what you were able to achieve with what you were given.  It is that sense of accomplishment that feels better than any perfectly dealt hand.  I am not just saying this either.  Sure being purely gifted at something and always being successful probably has it's pluses however, I feel more satisfied with my growth as an individual for what I was able to overcome in the process.  Testing myself with each challenge I uncover for me is the reason I keep pushing on.  I need to know what I am capable of next.

So is that the legacy I am currently leaving for my children and those that know me?  Is this one moment within my dash about challenge, change, dedication, and growth???  I hope that I continue to wear a smile a little bit more, love the people in my life like never before and try to understand the way other people feel.  I think it's important to try to remember we are all living in the dash...and all trying to do it to the best of our ability.  If there is ever a moment where you feel that you can help someone shine and light a spark within it...and you will feel the shine as well.

So my dear are living your dash beautifully and thank you for letting me share in this day remembering someone you love and will miss so very much.  She is looking down on you and smiling with a full heart and of course multitasking while washing a sippy cup!

Embrace the suck...choose your dash!

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